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1 The day after Shrove Tuesday is known as ‘What’….Wednesday’?
2 Major Metcalf, Detective-Sergeant Trotter and Mollie Ralston all feature in which play by Agatha Christie?
3 How many chains are in a furlong?
4 What is the title of the fourth ‘Dirty Harry’ film starring Clint Eastwood?
5 What was the name of the New York City club which launched ‘The Twist’ in the early 1960’s and and where Go-Go dancing originated?
6 What is the name of Captain Jack Aubrey’s ship in the 2003 film ‘Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World’?
7 The Rapa Nui are the native Polynesian inhabitants of which island?
8 Who wrote the 1951 novel ‘From here to Eternity’?
9 Who was President at the start of the American Civil War?
10 Which Olympic athlete is nicknamed ‘The Lightning Bolt’?
11 Which two alcoholic drinks are in the ingredients of a ‘Sidecar’ cocktail?
12 The Cuatro Torres Business Area is in which European city?
13 What is the name of the main character featured in the books ‘Chances’, ‘Lady Boss’ and ‘Dangerous Kiss’ by Jackie Collins?
14 In medicine, polydipsia is a non-medical symptom in which a patient displays an excessive what?
15 Who plays Judge Turpin in the 2007 film ‘Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street’?
16 What number does the scrum half in a rugby union team wear on their shirt?
17 Who was elected President of The Philippines in 1965?
18 In Greek mythology, what is the region beneath the Underworld, where the wicked were sent as punishment for their sins?
19 Sion Airport is in which European country?
20 Which ancient city was conquered using a wooden horse?
21 Which British fashion designer married Lars von Bennigsen in 2002?
22 What was the name of the band, featuring members of Thin Lizzy and the Sex Pistols, which recorded a 1979 song called ‘A Merry Jingle’?
23 A scaup is what type of bird?
24 What is the leader of a boy cub scout pack called?
25 Which English racehorse and Irish Grand National Winner was known as ‘Dessie’?
26 Which 1965 pop song by The Toys is based on ‘Minuet in G Major’ by J S Bach?
27 What is the nickname of the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London?
28 During which year did BBC2 start broadcasting in the UK?
29 On a mobile phone keypad, the letters ‘abc’ are on which number button?
30 What is the English title of the classical piece of music ‘An Der Schonen Blauen Donau’?