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1 Who became leader of the British Conservative Party in July 1965?
2 In 1692, on the orders of William III, nearly 80 members of which Scottish clan were massacred at Glen Coe?
3 Apart from the pilot and the final show, which two words are at the beginning of the title of each episode of US television show ‘Friends’?
4 In medicine, a rhinologist is concerned with which part of the human body?
5 In fashion, Chelsea, Desert, Rigger and Ugg are all types of what?
6 In November 2011, a copy of the first issue of Action Comics, featuring the debut of which action hero, sold for 2.6 million dollars?
7 Which famous statue was discovered by a peasant on the Greek island of Melos in 1820?
8 What was the name of Napoleon I’s second wife?
9 A cut of silverside beef is from which part of the animal?
10 A megapode is what type of creature?
11 Who was the first British monarch to voluntarily abdicate?
12 Thoma, Shuttlecock, Bulpetts and Stream Corner are all part of which race track?
13 Pozole is a soup or stew which originated in which country?
14 In January 1994, US President Bill Clinton and which Russian President signed a series of treaties known as the ‘Kremlin Accords’?
15 If a cavity in the human body is ‘infundibulum’, what shape is it?
16 The 2003 documentary drama ‘Touching the Void’ recounts the story of two mountaineers on which mountain range?
17 What was the title of The Beatles first single for EMI, released in 1962?
18 In 1998, who did Australian Prime Minister describe as ‘The greatest living Australian’?
19 Brothers Henry and Helal Hassenfield founded which modern-day toy and boardgame company?
20 In which country was the 2006 FIFA World Cup held?
21 Aulophobia is the irrational fear of which musical instrument?
22 What colour is Swiss cartoon character ‘Globi’?
23 Who became British Foreign Secretary in May 2010?
24 In the US, which state lies to the west of New Hampshire?
25 Which US golfer’s first names are Eldrick Tont?
26 How many triple-word squares are there on a standard Scrabble board?
27 In which 1966 Alfred Hitchcock film did Julie Andrews star with Paul Newman?
28 What does each angle of a regular octagon measure in degrees?
29 A ‘Sloppy Joe’ is an informal name for which item of clothing?
30 Which British Prime minister’s first name was Leonard?