1 Which European boyband released a 2000 album entitled ‘Coast to Coast’? Westlife
2 The headquarters of the International Ice Hockey Federation is in which European city? Zurich
3 Which English darts player has the nickname ‘Old Stoneface’? John Lowe
4 In the children’s book ‘King of the Wind’ by Marguerite henry, what is the name of the little golden Arabian stallion? Sham
5 Aestas is the Roman goddess of which season? Summer
6 ‘When are you gonna come down, When are you going to land’, are the opening lyrics to which Elton John song? Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
7 The Imperial Crown of India was created when which British monarch visited Delhi as Emperor of India? King George V
8 Phillip Schofield, Jason Donovan and Donny Osmond have all played the starring role in which stage musical? Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
9 Which bird was depicted on a British pre-decimal farthing? Wren
10 Which northern Spanish city is famous for the ‘Running of the Bulls’? Pamplona
11 ‘Racecourse Telegraphists’ are better known by what name? Tic-Tac Men (Tick Tackers)
12 How many full terms in office did US President F D Roosevelt serve? Three
13 In the human body, Skeletal, Smooth and Cardiac are all types of what? Muscle
14 In which European country was industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie born in 1835? Scotland
15 Which planet in our solar system lies between Earth and Mercury? Venus
16 On a standard dartboard, which number lies between 10 and 13? 6
17 The Obvodny Canal is in which European country? Russia
18 Thomas Percy, the 7th Earl of Northumberland, 1st Baron Percy, was executed during the reign of which English monarch? Queen Elizabeth I
19 Which human rights activist delivered a speech in Cleveland, Ohio in April 1964 entitled ‘The Ballot or the Bullet’? Malcolm X
20 In shipping what does SOLAS stand for? Safety Of Life At Sea
21 The ‘Aeneid’, an epic poem in 12 books, is the work of which ancient Roman? Virgil
22 ‘Chien’ is French for which animal? Dog
23 Who plays Nellie Forbush in the 2001 remake of the film ‘South Pacific’? Glenn Close
24 Howard Kirk is the fictional university lecturer in which Malcolm Bradbury novel? The History Man
25 Spelunking is the exploration of what, especially as a hobby? Caves
26 Which animal is the national symbol of the Netherlands? Lion
27 The chemical compound Thujone is best known for being present in which alcoholic drink? Absinthe
28 Which English club is nicknamed ‘The Cottagers’? Fulham FC
29 In humans, the disease rickets is caused by the lack of which vitamin? Vitamin D
30 Which British city has areas called Anfield and Toxteth? Liverpool