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1 Which 1993 film is about the affair between author C S Lewis and poet Joy Grisham?
2 What is the medical term for high blood pressure?
3 What were the first names of poet W H Auden?
4 Who was the first British Prime Minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II?
5 How many months of the year end in the letter ‘Y’?
6 The UK television series ‘Father Ted’ is set on which fictional island?
7 Bromatology is the study of what?
8 In April 1963, Lester Bowles Pearson became Prime Minister of which country?
9 The ‘Pentagon Papers’ is a US Department of Defense history of the United States political-military involvement in which country?
10 The Great Smoky Mountains are on the border of which two US states?
11 In which British city is Anderston Railway Station?
12 Which British monarch had a pet Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Dash?
13 Coimetrophobia is the irrational fear of which places?
14 What is the all-seated capacity of Wembley Stadium in London?
15 Which US President is depicted on a $50 banknote?
16 A tridecagon has how many sides?
17 According to the proverb, ‘A bird in the…..’what’…is worth two in the bush’?
18 Who had a 1963 hit with the song ‘Little Boxes’?
19 Milt is the sperm-filled reproductive gland of which type of creature?
20 What is US businessman and politician Mitt Romney’s first name?
21 Which is the northernmost Scandinavian country?
22 English novelist Barbara McCorquodale was better known by what name?
23 In the US television series ‘Spin City’, who played Randall Winston, the dim-witted Mayor of New York City?
24 Which British television presenter uses the expression ‘Cheap as chips’?
25 What is a person who makes and sells ladies hats called?
26 What was the first name of the older sister of German-born diarist Anne Frank?
27 Almere, Tilburg and Breda are all cities in which European country?
28 Musical instruments ‘zills’ are also known by what name?
29 Which US adult film actor is nicknamed ‘The Hedgehog’?
30 How many players are on the court in a korfball team?