1 Kielce, Olsztyn and Opole are cities in which European country? Poland
2 Who played the title role in the 1996 film ‘Michael Collins’? Liam Neeson
3 Welsh rugby clubs Swansea and Neath joined to form which club? Ospreys
4 In humans, ‘puna’ is another term for which sickness? Altitude or mountain sickness
5 Oxonia was the Latin name for which English city? Oxford
6 Which cartoon character has a rubber chicken called Stretch? Garfield
7 The then fictional ‘Sarah Siddons Award’, now a real award, is first referred to in the opening scene of which film starring Bette Davis? All About Eve
8 Which singer released a 2009 album entitled ‘Crazy Love’? Michael Buble
9 The first Summer Paralympic Games were hosted by which European city in 1960? Rome
10 What colour ensign is flown on all British merchant navy ships? Red
11 ‘Twittering Machine’, declared ‘degenerate art’ by Adolph Hitler, was the 1922 work of which Swiss-German painter? Paul Klee
12 A serin is what type of creature? Bird
13 How wide is a singles tennis court in feet? 27 feet
14 The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of which country? USA
15 Which Australian controversially used a metal bat in 1979? Dennis Lillee
16 The Hindhead Tunnel is in which English county? Surrey
17 What is a group of ferrets called? A business
18 The HP-35, launched in 1972, was Hewlett-Packard’s first what? Pocket calculator
19 Sir Leicester Dedlock is a character in which Charles Dickens novel? Bleak House
20 In 1964 who became the first black actor to win an Academy Award in the category ‘Best Actor in a leading Role’? Sidney Poitier
21 Dermatology is the study of which part of the human body? Skin
22 The 1985 film ‘A Room With a View’ is set in which European country? Italy
23 Which US President was in office during the Cuban Missile Crisis? John F Kennedy
24 Which American poet and novelist used the pen name Victoria Lucas? Sylvia Plath
25 The ringgit is the basic monetary unit of which Asian country? Malaysia
26 Xanthic relates to which colour? Yellow
27 Which London Mayor declared war on the pigeons in Trafalgar Square in 2000? Ken Livingstone
28 Gentoo, Adelie and Macaroni are all species of which bird? Penguin
29 How many wives did English monarch Edward I have? Two
30 How many books make up the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ by C S Lewis? Seven