1 On a dating website what does WLTM stand for? Would Like To Meet
2 Elliot Carver is the villain in which James Bond film? Tomorrow Never Dies
3 The thistle is the national emblem of which European country? Scotland
4 Stomatology is the branch of medicine concerned with which part of the human body? Mouth
5 Which line on the London Undergound rail system is the only line which interconnects with every other line? Jubilee Line
6 In 1964, which British actor was the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine? Peter Sellers
7 The Batavian Republic is now known by what modern-day name? The Netherlands
8 Sarking is found in which part of a building? Roof
9 Which musical instrument depicts the bird in Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’? Flute
10 James Gandolfini plays the sadistic military prison commandant Colonel Winter in which 2001 film starring Robert Redford? The Last Castle
11 Which British monarch had the nickname Silly Billy? King William IV
12 Roman numerals MCMLXVIII represent which year? 1968
13 In cooking, 230 degrees Celsius is the equivalent of which gas mark? 8
14 Silence Dogwood was a pseudonym used by which Founding Father of the United States to get his satirical pieces of writing published? Benjamin Franklin
15 Which British fashion designer created the UK television series ‘The Clothes Show’ in 1986? Jeff banks
16 Which is the largest borough in New York City? Queens
17 Which English author’s novels are set in the imaginary county of Barsetshire? Anthony Trollope
18 Bell, Chum, Kohte and Tipi are all types of what? Tent
19 What did the New York City music club CBGB, which closed in 2006, stand for? Country, BlueGrass and Blues
20 How many bones, altogether, does a horse have in its neck? Seven
21 Cannis Vulpes is the scientific name for which animal? Fox
22 What does the distress signal SOS stand for? Save Our Souls
23 What is a female gerbil called? Doe
24 Which Hampshire castle was used for the exterior shots of the UK television series ‘Downton Abbey’? Highclere Castle
25 If something is somniferous what does it induce in humans? Sleep
26 Which US astronaut became the first man to hit a golf ball on the moon? Alan Shepard
27 In fashion Peter Pan, Wing, Eton and Fichu are all types of what? Collar
28 In the children’s television series ‘Ivor the Engine’ what is the name of the dragon? Idris
29 What is the surname of Scottish-born singer and musician Donovan? Leitch
30 Which planet in our solar system is known as ‘The Blue Planet’? Earth