1 How many moons does the planet Mercury have? None
2 Which British dj and producer was the co-founder of Allido Records? Mark Ronson
3 In 1973, which US actor sent an American Indian up to the stage to refuse his OSCAR? Marlon Brando
4 Which English aristocrat and explorer secretly married Elizabeth Throckmorton in 1591? Sir Walter Raleigh
5 Which American football player was nicknamed ‘The Juice’? O J Simpson
6 What is the name of the island which is New York City’s main jail complex? Rikers Island
7 How many players in one team are on the field in a game of shinty? 12
8 Which television series, created by Russell T Davies, is a spin-off from Doctor Who? Torchwood
9 Jovian relates to which planet in our solar system? Jupiter
10 Which British-based clothing and adult toy company is named after the secretary of the male founder Caborn Waterfield? Ann Summers
11 Which music act closed the Pyramid Stage on Sunday night at Glastonbury in 2011? Beyonce
12 In the UK television game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ what is the lowest amount of money shown in the red box in pounds sterling? 1,000
13 What was the surname of the brother and sister who won the 1980 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles final? Austin
14 In the UK, RICS stand for Royal Institution of ….’what’? Chartered Surveyors
15 What is the official language of Barbados? English
16 What is the highest hand in a game of straight poker? Royal Flush
17 The Pedro Miguel lock is on which canal? Panama Canal
18 Who plays Bret Maverick in the 1994 film ‘Maverick’? Mel Gibson
19 The Bayeux Tapestry depicts events leading up to which battle? Battle of Hastings
20 Which 18th Century novelist wrote ‘The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling’? Henry Fielding
21 Vodka, Galliano and fresh orange juice are the ingredients of which cocktail? Harvey Wallbanger
22 What do the interior angles of a square add up to in degrees? 360
23 In the UK television series ‘On The Buses’, what is the first name of Inspector Blake? Cyril
24 Tower, Albert and Vauxhall are all bridges in which European city? London
25 Francoise de Maintenon was the second wife of which French king? Louis XIV
26 If something is ‘stannic’ which metal does it contain? Tin
27 Hippology is the study of which animal? Horse
28 Brewed by Scottish firm Brewdog, at 41 per cent alcohol content, what is Britain’s strongest beer? Sink the Bismark
29 What is the name of fence 15 on the Aintree Grand National racecourse? The Chair
30 Which British television programme featured Zippy, Bungle and George? Rainbow