1 Who succeeded Alf Ramsey as England (caretaker) football manager in 1974? Joe Mercer
2 British comedians Katy, Joe and Russell all share which surname? Brand
3 Manzana is Spanish for which fruit? Apple
4 What was late actress Elizabeth Taylor’s middle name? Rosemond
5 In the nursery rhyme, what did the third ‘Little Piggy’ have to eat? Roast beef
6 What is the capital of Uzbekistan? Tashkent
7 The medical condition Tinea Pedis is better known by what name? Athlete’s foot
8 Oscar Wilde described which ‘sport’ as ‘The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable’? Foxhunting
9 What type of animal is fictional character Babar? Elephant
10 Which British fashion designer was commissioned by Stanley Kubrick to design the costumes for the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’? Hardy Amies
11 The Bonneville Salt Flats are in which US state? Utah
12 Lutraphobia is the fear of which animals? Otters
13 What was the name given to a series of five yachts owned by former British Prime Minister Edward Heath? Morning Cloud
14 The phrase ‘Trust in God and keep your powder dry’ is attributed to which historical English figure? Oliver Cromwell
15 Anderlecht Football Club is based in which European country? Belgium
16 In the Charles Dickens novel ‘Oliver Twist’ what is the name of Bill Sykes dog? Bulls Eye
17 In betting, what odds are known as ‘Pony’ or ‘Macaroni’? 25 to 1
18 Which two colours make up the NATO flag? Blue and white
19 Artists Gustav Klimt and Carl Moll were born in which European country? Austria
20 Loggerhead, Kemps Ridley and Hawksbill are all type of which creature? Sea turtle
21 What is the name of cartoon character Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend? Lola Bunny
22 Which jazz musician and clarinet player was known as the ‘King of Swing’? Benny Goodman
23 The Royal Airforce Aerobatic Team is better known by what name? Red Arrows
24 Dormant volcano Mount Elbrus is in which mountain range? Caucasus
25 Pulmonary relates to which part of the human body? Lungs
26 Who played tutor Stephen Potter in the 1960 film ‘School for Scoundrels’? Alastair Sim
27 The Isis is the upper reach of which British river? River Thames
28 In the British Royal Navy, which rank is between Captain and Rear-Admiral? Commodore
29 What does the largest star on the national flag of Australia represent? The Commonwealth
30 The US animated television series ‘South Park’ is set in which state? Colorado