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1 Bullfighting is central to which Ernest Hemingway non-fiction book?
2 Pierogi, dumplings of unleavened bread, originated in which European country?
3 The line ‘Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink’ comes from which poem?
4 The Peroni Brewery is based in which European country?
5 Not including Sundays, how many days are there in Lent?
6 Bluewater Shopping Centre is located in which English county?
7 Who became the mother-in-law of England rugby player Mike Tindall in 2011?
8 Which breed of dog is the cartoon dog Marmaduke?
9 Which US President famously said ‘I’m not a crook’?
10 Magere Brug, or Skinny Bridge is located in which European city?
11 The English Civil War took place in which century?
12 In Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, what number is the answer to the ultimate question?
13 What is the full length of a tennis court in feet?
14 Which musical instrument does fictional detective Sherlock Holmes play?
15 When You’re Strange is a tribute band to which band?
16 Dorchester Heights is a historic district of which US city?
17 ‘Das Auto’ is the slogan for which car manufacturer?
18 Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss founded which American record label in 1962?
19 In a standard game of chess, how many rooks does each player start with?
20 Magnum Force, The Enforcer and The Dead Pool are all film featuring which fictional police inspector?
21 What is the name of the presenter/food eater in the US television series ‘Man v. Food’?
22 Which French painter lived and worked in Tahiti?
23 What is the first name of James bond villain Dr No?
24 In nature, Buttress, Tap and Strangler are all types of what?
25 Which English fruit merchant and amateur sailor returned to Portsmouth, England, on 4th July 1968, after sailing round the world in 354 days?
26 Singer Elly Jackson is one half of which pop duo?
27 What is the name of the spaceship in the 1979 film ‘Alien’?
28 What is the art of hand-making cricket bats called?
29 What is the name of the rich fruit cake, with a layer of marzipan on top, and sometimes inside, eaten at Easter?
30 The phrase ‘Listen very carefully, I will say this only once’ comes from which UK television comedy series?