1 In Europe which colour denotes runs for expert skiers? Black
2 Andrew Motion, Cecil Day-Lewis and John Betjemin all held which post? Poet Laureate
3 Cape Agulhas is the southern most point on which continent? Africa
4 How many US Presidents have resigned from office? One
5 What was the currency of Austria before the Euro? Austrian Schilling
6 In Greek mythology who became the first queen of Crete? Europa
7 A Violent Storm is which number on the Beaufort Scale? 11
8 A decade is a period of how many years? 10
9 The European country of Switzerland is made up of how many cantons? 26
10 In the game of volleyball, how many times in a row may the ball be struck by one team? Three
11 Which English singer/musician hosted a television show called ‘Later with……’? Jools Holland
12 Which English author’s major novels are set in Wessex? Thomas hardy
13 In humans, somnology is the scientific study of what? Sleep
14 In the game of darts, what score is known as ‘Bag O’nuts’? 45
15 Which singer/songwriter wrote the musical ‘9 to 5’? Dolly Parton
16 In the International Morse Code which letter is represented by two dashes? M
17 Larry Mullen Jr is the drummer in which Irish band? U2
18 The NASDAQ Stock Exchange is located in which city? New York
19 Annapurna is a section of which mountain range? Himalayas
20 ‘Dangerously In Love’ and ‘B’Day’ are albums by which US singer? Beyonce Knowles
21 Which month of the year comes first alphabetically? April
22 How many stars are there on the national flag of Australia? Six
23 Box, Stunt and Delta-Wing are all types of which flying object? Kite
24 Clinophobia is the irrational fear of going where? To bed
25 The Eurasian Basin is part of which ocean? Arctic Ocean
26 What type of creature is a bananaquit? Bird
27 Caprine relates to which animal? Goat
28 In betting, what odds are known as a ‘Carpet’? 3 to 1
29 Red Grant is the name of the villain in which James Bond film? From Russia With Love
30 On a dating website, what does LTR stand for? Long Term Relationship