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1 Which chemical element has the symbol Ba?
2 Which British television series was first broadcast in 1983 as a single drama called ‘Woodentop’?
3 What is a turret or tower called which is attached to a building and provides an extensive view of the surroundings?
4 French actress Dany Robin made her only ‘Carry On’ appearance in which 1966 film?
5 Heritage Day is celebrated in South Africa during which month of the year?
6 Where is US sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s largest and most famous work?
7 Who’s autobiography is entitled ‘The Naked Civil Servant’?
8 Which former US President was given the nickname ‘Dubya’?
9 Which grocery retailer has a fir tree inside a circle as its logo?
10 Umberto II (nicknamed the King of May) was the last king of which European country between 9th May and 12th June 1946?
11 The EEC (European Economic Community) was created by the 1957 ‘Treaty of….’where’?.
12 In the game of Bingo, ‘Little Boy Blue’ is the nickname for which number?
13 Anchor, Honeycomb, Satin and Faggot are all what?
14 In Greek mythology, what is Erinys?
15 Who played Mr Brown in the 1991 film ‘Reservoir Dogs’?
16 In the UK, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s, birthday is celebrated during which month?
17 In 1994 Wendy Toms became the first female official in which sport?
18 Which actress played the role of Cora Smith in the 1946 film ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’?
19 Joseph Cyril Bamford was the founder of which British company in 1945?
20 Who was US gossip columnist Hedda Hopper’s friend turned arch-rival?
21 Who played the role of Georgiana Cavendish in the 2008 film ‘The Duchess’?
22 In poetry, how many lines are in a clerihew?
23 Which country hosted the 2000 Summer Olympic Games?
24 Which English poet wrote ‘Arms and the Boy’?
25 A podiatrist works on which part of the human body?
26 Which European capital is known as ‘The City of the Seven Hills’?
27 How many properties are on a standard Monopoly board?
28 Puppet Troy Tempest, from the television series ‘Stingray’, was said to have been modelled on which US actor?
29 Who became British Prime Minister in May 1937?
30 The ‘what’….House Rule’ is a core principle that governs the confidentiality of the source of information received at a meeting?