1 What type of root does a dandelion have? Taproot
2 What was the name of England’s first offshore Pirate Radio station? Radio Caroline
3 Who was the trainer of three-times English Grand National winner Red Rum? Donald ‘Ginger’ McCain
4 In the nursery rhyme who cut off the ‘Three Blind Mice’ tails? The Farmer’s Wife
5 Which band released a 2003 album entitled ‘Youth and Young Manhood’? Kings of Leon
6 What colour is the dragon on the national flag of Wales? Red
7 Which month of the year comes third alphabetically? December
8 The coastline of Kenya lies on which ocean? Indian Ocean?
9 Which opera by Verdi is based on the Alexander Dumas book ‘La Dame aux Camelias’? La Traviata
10 Which Apollo spacecraft landed on the Moon in February 1971? Apollo 14
11 The Northwest Passage connects which two oceans? Pacific and Atlantic
12 Which letter of the alphabet is represented by one dot in the International Morse Code? E
13 ‘Parky’ is the nickname of which former British talk show host? Michael Parkinson
14 Which British darts player is known by the nickname ‘Mr Glitter’? Bobby George
15 A portiere is a heavy curtain which is hung across what? Door or doorway
16 What does a cerophilist collect? Candles
17 How many paintings make up William Hogarth’s ‘A Rake’s Progress’? Eight
18 According to the Bible, Jesus was at a wedding in Cana when he turned water into what? Wine
19 Which planet in our solar system is known as Earth’s sister planet? Venus
20 Political Aide Alastair Campbell was best known as Director of Communications and Strategy for which British Prime Minister? Tony Blair
21 The headquarters of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is in which country? Switzerland
22 In Greek mythology Eurystheus imposed twelve labours on which of his cousins? Hercules (Heracles)
23 Mora-Siljan Airport is in which European country? Sweden
24 ‘Canard’ is French for which creature? Duck
25 Which former US President is often referred to as LBJ? Lyndon Baines Johnson
26 Ursula, Sebastian and Flounder are all characters in which Disney film? The Little Mermaid
27 Composers Joseph Haydn and Franz Schubert were born in which country? Austria
28 Fragrant essential oil Attar is typically made from the petals of which flower? Rose
29 Who directed the 1988 film ‘Beetle Juice’? Tim Burton
30 The Jet d’Eau Fountain is in which European city? Geneva