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1 In religion, according to Islam, who was the last of the prophets?
2 What is the lowest point on land in Asia?
3 What are the two inferior planets in our solar system?
4 British actor Henry Cavill has been chosen to play which superhero in a film due to be released in 2013?
5 The full moon seen closest to the time of the Autumn Equinox is commonly known as what?
6 Which English football club won the FA Cup in 2009?
7 Which notorious murderer is depicted in the 2001 film ‘From Hell’?
8 A grunion is what type of creature?
9 One of the Wonders of the Modern World, The Catacombs of Alexandria are in which country?
10 Which 1997 film, directed by Quentin Tarantino, is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel ‘Rum Punch’?
11 The crab represents which sign of the Zodiac?
12 The sclera is the white outer layer of which part of the human body?
13 Barry Butler, who was killed in a car accident in 1966, was the captain of which English football team?
14 Which soft drink ‘Gives you wings’?
15 In fashion what does LBD stand for?
16 Who is universally accepted to be the first Roman Emperor?
17 Which city is the setting for the Dirty Harry film starring Clint Eastwood?
18 Who wrote the political treatise ‘The Prince’, published in 1532?
19 Capuchin monks belong to which Roman Catholic religious order?
20 Which US actor appeared in the films ‘Ironweed’, ‘The Pledge’ and ‘Easy Rider’?
21 Ann Davison became the first woman to single-handedly sail which body of water in 1952?
22 What is the title of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel in which Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance?
23 What is sodium bicarbonate known as in the kitchen?
24 Millbank Prison, which closed in 1890, was located near which English river?
25 The Java Trench (or Sunda Trench) is the deepest part of which ocean?
26 Who did Ringo Starr replace as the Beatles drummer in August 1962?
27 Who discovered the electrical nature of lightning through his famous kite experiment in 1750?
28 Lachanophobia is the irrational fear of which food items?
29 What was the name of the tiny henchman in the 1974 James bond film ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’?
30 What were said to have been built at the orders of Nebuchadnezzar II in order to stop his wife feeling homesick?