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1 A heitiki would normally be worn round which part of the body?
2 Maria Dickin was the founder of which British animal charity in 1917?
3 Which British comedian hosts a television programme called ‘TV Burp’?
4 In Greek mythology what is the drink of the gods?
5 Which 1999 film starring Tom Hanks is set in a Louisiana prison?
6 In which South African country was Australian rugby player George Gregan born?
7 In May 1936 the first flight by which Irish airline took place between Dublin and Bristol?
8 What was the first name of Sigmund Freud’s artist grandson?
9 How many Oscars did the film ‘Avatar’ win at the 2010 Academy Awards?
10 Louisville, Kentucky, USA was named after which French monarch?
11 What is the title of the 1962 film in which Bette Davis and Joan Crawford play ageing Hollywood divas?
12 The island groups Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao form which country?
13 The lemur is endemic to which island?
14 What does the K stand for in the English writer’s name Jerome K Jerome?
15 Jazz musician Benny Goodman was famous for playing which instrument?
16 Columbia University is in which US city?
17 Henrietta Maria was the French wife of which British monarch?
18 Who played football coach Dave Dodds in the 2001 film ‘Mike Bassett:England Manager’?
19 Mrs Grose and Miss Jessel appear in which novella by Henry James?
20 Which tennis player was dubbed ‘Superbrat’ by the British press?
21 In 1883 which Indonesian volcano erupted and was believed to be the largest single explosion in recorded human history?
22 Who wrote the 1951 novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’?
23 English soothsayer and prophetess Ursula Southill was better known as ‘Mother…who’?
24 ‘Touch the rainbow. Taste the rainbow’ is the advertising slogan for which confectionery product?
25 Chemist and physicist Marie Curie was born in which modern-day European country?
26 What is cartoon cat Garfield’s favourite food?
27 Which 1986 film starring River Phoenix is based on a short story by Stephen King called ‘The Body’?
28 Which post in the UK did Rowan Williams take up in February 2003?
29 Blinky, Mr Teeny and Jub-Jub are all animals in which US animated television series?
30 The Fountain of Wealth is in which Asian city?