1 Dr Alec Harvey and Laura Jesson are the main characters in which 1945 film? Brief Encounter
2 Which US-based retail company has the motto ‘Save Money. Live Better’? Walmart
3 On which side of the road do motorists drive in Cyprus? Left
4 Someone born on the 1st August has which Zodiac sign? Leo
5 Which is the only written number in English that has all its letters in alphabetical order? Forty
6 The city of Cairo lies on which river? River Nile
7 Rhodesian Ridgeback is which breed of animal? Dog
8 In the US, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona border which state? California
9 In the Disney film Aladdin, what colour is the Genie? Blue
10 How many yards are in a UK mile? 1760
11 What type of race is the Palio di Siena? Horse race
12 ‘The Accidental….’what’? Is the title of a 1988 film starring William Hurt, Geena Davis and Kathleen Turner? Tourist
13 The Zugsptize is the highest mountain in which European country? Germany
14 ‘That’s All Folks’ is the epitaph of which US comedian? Mel Blanc
15 Which US state has the abreviation AR? Arkansas
16 The country of Sri Lanka was formerly known by what name? Ceylon
17 Which British author created the fictional character George Smiley? John Le Carre
18 In a company’s hierarchy, what does CFO stand for? Chief Finance Officer
19 Steve Harley was the lead singer in which 1970’s band? Cockney Rebel
20 Which US President’s interpreter said on his behalf ‘I desire the Poles carnally’? Jimmy Carter’s
21 Brushback, Horsehide, Pearod and Wheelhouse are all terms used in which sport? Baseball
22 In medicine, pyrosis is the technical term for which condition? Heartburn
23 Shashlik is what type of food dish? Kebab
24 Which comedy duo starred in the 1942 film ‘Rio Rita’? Abbott and Costello
25 On the UK television game show ‘The Chase’, which chaser is known as the Dark Destroyer? Shaun Wallace
26 Arthur Balfour was British Prime Minister during the reign of which monarch? Edward VII
27 Which Shakespearian character is known as ‘The Moor of Venice’? Othello
28 The hormone prolactin stimulates the production of what after childbirth? Milk
29 Who wrote the novel ‘Exodus’? Leon Uris
30 A fugu is what type of creature? Fish