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1 In the International Morse Code a dash is equal to how many dots?
2 A left-handed boxer is called a ‘what’…paw?
3 During which year did the pre-decimal halfpenny coin cease to be legal tender in the UK?
4 What is the name of the dog in Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’?
5 American singer Frank Castelluccio is better known by what name?
6 ‘No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie’ is in the credits of which film?
7 The fruit ‘Carambola’ is better known by what name?
8 The character Miss Froy goes missing on a train in which 1938 Hitchcock film?
9 Ted Stevens International Airport is in which US city?
10 Hibernia was the Roman name for which European country?
11 Devil’s Lair, Jacob’s Creek and Banrock Station are all wines from which country?
12 Who shot former US President Ronald Reagan in March 1981?
13 Which British-American actress died on 23rd March 2011, aged 79?
14 In Greek mythology, who fell in love with and appeared in the form of a white bull to Europa and carried her off to Crete?
15 Who wrote the ‘Twilight’ series of books?
16 ‘Donnerstag’ is German for which day of the week?
17 Who became US President John Kennedy’s Vice President in 1961?
18 The International Olympic Committee is based in which European city?
19 Who hosts the UK lottery show ‘In It To Win It’?
20 In 1918 which newspaper mogul became the first UK Minister of Information?
21 Who wrote the novel ‘The Eagle Has landed’?
22 Which word represents the letter M in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet?
23 Xylography is the art of engraving on which natural substance?
24 Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Lydia and Kitty are all characters in which novel by Jane Austen?
25 Darius Danesh (Campbell) became the youngest actor to play the role of Billy Flynn in which Broadway musical since it opened in 1975?
26 Otology is the study of which part of the body?
27 In the nursery rhyme ‘Ding Dong Bell’, who put the cat in the well?
28 A Poorwill is what type of creature?
29 The English town of Tewkesbury is in which county?
30 Which four London stations are represented on a British Monopoly board?