1 Anglophobia is the fear of which country and its people? England
2 Pamplemousse is French for which fruit? Grapefruit
3 Yuval Steinitz became Minister for Finance of which country in March 2009? Israel
4 What is the name of actor Vin Diesel’s character in the 2002 film xXx? Xander Cage
5 What is the official language of Uruguay? Spanish
6 ‘Bellis perennis’ is the Latin name for which flower? Daisy
7 What was the name of the space shuttle in which Alan Shepard went into space in 1961? Freedom 7
8 Which British comedian has a character called ‘The Pub Landlord’? Al Murray
9 Lady Jane Grey, known as the ‘Nine Day Queen’, was executed during the reign of which English monarch? Mary I
10 The medical condition arthralgia affects which parts of the human body? Joints
11 Who wrote the novel ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’? T E Lawrence
12 Who won the Yashin Award for the Best Goalkeeper in the 1998 World Cup? Fabien Barthez
13 On a mobile phone keypad, the letters ‘jkl’ are on which number button? 5
14 Which US burlesque dancer and model was born Heather Renee Sweet? Dita Von Teese
15 Which band released a 2007 album entitled ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’? Arctic Monkeys
16 Who was the last British MP to hold the post of Postmaster General? John Stonehouse
17 Which was the first English football club to win the European Cup Final? Manchester United
18 What type of weather condition is a Meltemi? Wind
19 Which US entertainer had a twin brother named Jesse Garon, who died at birth? Elvis Presley
20 The laws of cricket state that the length of a cricket bat must be no more than how many inches? 38
21 The novels of which English author are set in the ‘Five Towns’? Arnold Bennett
22 A Gold Medal is traditionally awarded for which place in a race or competition? First
23 What are the first names of the two dancing instructors in the UK television series ‘Hi De Hi’? Barry and Yvonne
24 18th Century artist Samuel Hieronymous Grimm was born in which European country? Switzerland
25 Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth founded which British-based engineering company in 1958? Cosworth
26 In days, what is the average gestation period of a lioness? 110
27 Poopdeck Pappy is which fictional character’s father? Popeye
28 What does a numismatist collect? Coins/currency
29 The goddess Aphrodite was said to have been born on which Mediterranean island? Cyprus
30 The Pulitzer Prize is awarded in how many categories? 21