1 Which chemical element is represented by the symbol ‘Rn’? Radon
2 What was the name of the first American space station, which fell to Earth in 1979? Skylab
3 Which is the hottest planet in our solar system? Venus
4 Which two letters in the English alphabet do not to appear at the beginning of names of elements in the Periodic Table? J and Q
5 Toxic substance Cantharidin is commonly known by what name? Spanish Fly
6 What is the hardest substance known to man? Diamond
7 The term ‘Googol’ is written in number form as number 1 followed by how many zeros? 100
8 Which scientist discovered the radioactive element Radium in 1898? Marie Curie
9 What is the modern international unit of energy measured in? Joule
10 Which element makes iron rust? Oxygen
11 In 1907 Belgian-born chemist Leo Baekeland created which type of plastic? Bakelite
12 Which type of lens is thicker at the centre than at the edge, as used in microscopes? Convex lens
13 All matter in the Universe was said to be created by the ‘Big….what’ nearly 14 billion years ago? Bang
14 Relating to mobile phones, what is the area covered by a base station (or aerial) called? A cell
15 In computing, what does HTML stand for? HyperText Markup Language
16 Which three elements in the Periodic Table are magnetic? Iron, Cobalt, Nickel
17 The Ishihara Test is used for testing for what in humans? Colour Blindness
18 Which four letters of the English alphabet are used in the Genetic Code? A C G U
19 The alloy steel is mainly composed of which two chemical elements? Iron and Carbon
20 What is the science that deals with the origin, nature, chemistry, effects and use of drugs? Pharmacology