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1 Which American-born engineer invented the first portable, fully automatic machine gun?
2 Who wrote the 1968 novel ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’?
3 What is the state capital of South Australia?
4 According to the Bible, who was King Solomon’s father?
5 Oberon, Puck and Lysander are characters in which Shakespeare play?
6 Matthew Boulton was the business partner of which Scottish inventor and engineer?
7 Who wrote the 18th Century play ‘The Rivals’?
8 The Lord Advocate is the chief law officer in which European country?
9 What is the US state capital of Kansas?
10 Who wrote the 1963 novel ‘The Bell Jar’?
11 Painter Joshua Reynolds was knighted by which British monarch?
12 Tritanopia is a visual defect characterised by the inability to discern which two colours?
13 In which country was the 1990 FIFA World Cup held?
14 By what name was Mongol leader Temujin better known?
15 Fictional character Detective Inspector John Rebus was created by which author?
16 Originating in France, what is the name of the small ball of choux pastry, usually filled with cream and often covered with chocolate?
17 In the UK, which animals are traditionally associated with the first of the month?
18 Who was the only British Prime Minister to hold office during the reign of King Edward VIII?
19 On the UK television game show ‘The Chase’ which chaser is known as ‘The Governess’?
20 The disused Vajont (or Vaiont) Dam is in which European country?
21 What is the first name of fictional character Sherlock Holmes friend and assistant Dr Watson?
22 In sport what does LTA stand for?
23 Tartarology is the study of what?
24 In which European country is the port of St Malo?
25 A Shavian is an admirer of which dramatist and his work?
26 In Sumo wrestling, a handful of what is thrown into the ring before combat?
27 Which 1945 film was based on the Noel Coward play ‘Still Life’?
28 Which former English cricketer is nicknamed ‘The Cat’?
29 What is the name of the rams-horn trumpet used by Jews in religious ceremonies and as an ancient battle signal?
30 What is the highest number on a Euromillions lottery ticket?