1 The Carnation Revolution took place in which European country in the 1970’s? Portugal
2 What is the title of the 18th James Bond film? Tomorrow Never Dies
3 Which American actress was born Ruth Elizabeth Davis? Bette Davis
4 what is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet? Phi
5 In which century did the Montgolfier brothers succeed in launching the first manned ascent in a hot-air balloon? 18th Century
6 In which US state was the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company founded? Wisconsin
7 Preto is Portuguese for which colour? Black
8 Who plays crime boss John Rooney in the 2002 film ‘Road to Perdition’? Paul Newman
9 Who was the mother of English monarch James I? Mary Queen of Scots
10 What type of creature is an argali? Sheep
11 Aristotle Bolt, Tia Malone and Biff Jenkins are all characters in which 1975 Disney film? Escape to Witch Mountain
12 Which US President was given the nickname ‘The Great Emancipator’? Abraham Lincoln
13 What is the name of the cow in the television series ‘The Magic Roundabout’? Ermintrude
14 Who released a 2009 album entitled ‘The Element of Freedom’? Alicia keys
15 Which fashion house has perfumes Dune and Poison? Christian Dior
16 What did furniture retailer MFI stand for? Mullard Furniture Industries
17 In human biology, Ithyphallophobia is the fear of what? Erect penises
18 Which author is said to have invented the word ‘Yahoo’, a primitive creature who is repulsive in appearance and barely human? Jonathan Swift
19 What is the capital of Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur
20 Formula One racing driver Robert Kubica was born in which country? Poland
21 What is the V-shaped formation of a flock of wild geese called? Skein
22 What was the first name of British film producer J Arthur Rank? Joseph
23 In cookery, what are the two ingredients of ganache? Chocolate and cream
24 What was the name of the concert held at the Cleveland Arena, Ohio, on 21st March 1952, said to be the world’s first major rock & roll concert? The Moondog Coronation Ball
25 Which chemical element is also known as Hydrargyrum? Mercury
26 What does the Latin phrase ‘Potius sero quam numquam’ translate to in English? It’s better late than never
27 What is the medical term for the shoulder blade? Scapula
28 Royal Gala is a variety of which fruit? Apple
29 In motoring, which creature is featured on the logo of the Porsche? Horse
30 Kyudo is the Japanese art of which sport? Archery