1 Which British singer released a 2009 album entitled ‘3 Words’? Cheryl Cole
2 ‘Caballo’ is Spanish for which animal? Horse
3 What is the title of the theme tune to the BBC radio show ‘The Archers’? Barwick Green
4 The Italian cooking sauce pasata is made from which vegetable? Tomato
5 Slovenia was once part of which former European country? Yugoslavia
6 Which country will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games? Russia
7 The Ashmolean Museum is in which English city? Oxford
8 What is the name of the submarine piloted by fictional character Troy Tempest? Stingray
9 Which British poet wrote ‘Kubla Khan’? Samuel Taylor Coleridge
10 An echidna is what type of animal? Anteater (spiny)
11 Which artist designed the logo for UK television children’s show ‘Blue Peter’? Tony Hart
12 What was the name of the dog that found the stolen World Cup (Jules Rimet Trophy) in 1966? Pickles
13 Who wrote the 1966 comic novel ‘The Virgin Soldiers’? Leslie Thomas
14 ‘Odette’ is a character in which ballet? Swan Lake
15 Arborio rice comes from which European country? Italy
16 Which three countries signed the ‘Triple Entente’ in 1907? France, Great Britain and Russia
17 In the UK, during which year were women first allowed to vote in a General Election? 1918
18 Saxony is a region of which European country? Germany
19 A ‘Scissor Hold’ is used in which sport? Wrestling
20 Humphrey Pumphrey is a character in which British television sitcom? George and Mildred
21 The goat represents which sign of the Zodiac? Capricorn
22 In cookery, the traditional Austrian Wiener Schnitzel is made with which meat? Veal
23 In UK communications, what did Oftel stand for? Office of Telecommunications
24 Thai Pongal is the Harvest Festival celebrated by which religious people? Tamilians
25 Dustin Hoffman plays army medic Colonel Sam Daniels in which 1995 film? Outbreak
26 Which planet lies between Jupiter and Uranus? Saturn
27 English singer Sandie Shaw married which fashion designer in March 1968? Jeff Banks
28 In Greek mythology, the ‘Grey Sisters’, or Graeae, shared one eye and one ‘what’ among them? Tooth
29 Mickey Murphy was the baker in which British children’s television programme? Camberwick Green
30 The Riel is the currency of which Southeast Asian country? Cambodia