1 Which tennis player beat Andre Agassi in the Men’s Wimbledon Singles Finals in three straight sets in 1999? Pete Sampras
2 What is the first name of fictional diarist Adrian Mole’s mother? Pauline
3 A Pratincole is what type of creature? Bird
4 Which month in the Gregorian calendar was originally the seventh month of the Roman calendar? September
5 Which luggage company is named after a Biblical strongman? Samsonite
6 The ‘Great Bells of Bow’ church were used to time the executions at which London prison? Newgate
7 Arboreal animals live in or among which habitat? Trees
8 Who played Queen Victoria in the 1997 film ‘Mrs Brown’? Dame Judi Dench
9 In 1995, Mario J Molina became the first Mexican to win the Nobel Prize in what? Science (chemistry)
10 In Greek mythology Charon was said to have ferried the souls of the newly arrived dead across which rivers? Styx and Acheron
11 Which US animated television series 90 second pilot episode clip was called the ‘Flagstones’? The Flintstones
12 ‘Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway’ is a painting by which artist? Joseph Turner
13 Which animal is known as a wisent? European bison
14 In economics, what does GDP stand for? Gross Domestic Product
15 Published in England in 1952, who was the subject of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’? Anne Frank
16 The English city of Norwich lies on which river? River Wensum
17 Sevruga, Sterlet and Ossetra are all types of which delicacy? Caviar
18 In poetry, a sonnet consists of how many lines? 14
19 What is the name of the twin sister of the Disney character Donald Duck? Della
20 How many points is a conversion worth in a game of rugby union? Two
21 A purfle is an ornamental border, typically inlaid on which musical instrument? Violin
22 Which English town was called Camulodunum in Latin? Colchester
23 ‘Happy Rabbit’ was the original name for which cartoon character? Bugs Bunny
24 Who composed the ‘Haffner Serenade’ (Serenade no.7) for the sister of his friend Sigmund Haffner, for her wedding festivities in 1776? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
25 Comma, Peacock and Swallowtail are all types of which insect? Butterfly
26 According to the nursery rhyme, what did Tom the Piper’s son steal? A pig
27 In music festivals, what does WOMAD stand for? World of Music, Arts and Dance
28 What is the title of the 1944 film in which Lauren Bacall made her movie debut? To Have and Have Not
29 Which 18th Century artist painted a portrait of actress Sarah Siddons entitled ‘Mrs Siddons as the Tragic Muse’? Joshua Reynolds
30 Brown Windsor is what type of food dish? Soup