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1 Which scientist was appointed as Chemical Assistant at the Royal Institution by Humphrey Davy in March 1813?
2 In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, what is the name of Mr Rochester’s housekeeper?
3 The ‘Tennis Court Oath’ was signed at the beginning of which revolution?
4 ‘Duck and dive’ represents which number in the game of Bingo?
5 Politician Lev Davidovich Bronshtein was better known by what name?
6 In which English cathedral is the tomb of King John?
7 What is the name of the adult bulldog in the television cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’?
8 Which country won the FIFA Award for Most Entertaining Team at the 2006 World Cup?
9 What does the Latin phrase ‘Ad libitum’ translate to in English?
10 Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in which country?
11 Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Beckett was murdered during the reign of which English monarch?
12 Which dessert is also known as ‘Omelette Surprise’?
13 US actress Courtney Cox became famous after appearing in the 1984 video of which US singer/songwriter?
14 Who wrote the 1975 book ‘Superwoman’?
15 What was the name of the London pub in which gangster Ronnie Kray murdered Geroge Cornell in March 1966?
16 The ‘Petit Trianon’ is a small chateau located in the grounds of which palace?
17 According to the proverb, ‘A stitch in time saves …..’what’?
18 The island of Corsica belongs to which country?
19 Top hat, iron, dog and ship are all pieces in which board game?
20 Keith Lemon and Avid Merion are alter-egos of which British comedian?
21 Which Scottish photographer took the famous 1969 photo of The Beatles on a zebra crossing on Abbey Road?
22 What were the first names of British politician Rab Butler?
23 What is the postcode for BBC’s soap ‘Eastenders’?
24 Who wrote the novel ‘The Hunt For Red October’?
25 Carrageenan is a substance extracted from red and purple what?
26 What type of paper changes colour when testing whether a substance is acid or alkali?
27 Lupine relates to which animal?
28 What is the method of hair removal called in which strands of cotton are used to pluck unwanted hair?
29 Fray Bentos is a port in which South American country?
30 What is the title of the theme tune to the BBC radio show ‘The Archers’?