1 Who won the Eurovison Song Contest for the United Kingdom in 1967? Sandie Shaw
2 Who succeeded Lyndon B Johnson as President of the United States? Richard Nixon
3 Which US author committed suicide with a shotgun in 1961? Ernest Hemingway
4 On which Greek island did Jacqueline Kennedy marry shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis in October 1968? Skorpios
5 Which Arthur Miller play aroused controversy over his portrayal of his failed marriage to actress Marilyn Monroe? After the Fall
6 Mechanics Bay Airport serves which New Zealand city? Auckland
7 What is the name of the ‘cake’ which is flat, round, made of licorice and named after a Yorkshire town? Pontefract Cake
8 Who directed the 1997 film ‘Jackie Brown’? Quentin Tarantino
9 In England in 1880 the introduction of a compulsory minimum school leaving age meant that children had to stay in education until what age? 10 years old
10 In the game of Scrabble, the ‘C’ tile is worth how many points? 3
11 In countries of the world, what does UAE stand for? United Arab Emirates
12 How many red stripes are on the national flag of Austria? Two
13 In which 1976 horror film did John Travolta appear with Sissy Spaceck? Carrie
14 What is the US state capital of Rhode Island? Providence
15 Bookmakers William Hill sponsor an annual award for the best book on which subject? Sport
16 A hinny is a cross between which two animals? Donkey and horse
17 Which human sub-species was named after a valley near Dusseldorf in Germany, where they were known to have lived? Neanderthals
18 Popular in Victorian times, what is the name of the toy made of a disc or card with a picture on each side attached to two pieces of string, when turned would appear as one picture? Thaumotrope
19 Which epic poem by John Milton tells the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve? Paradise Lost
20 What was the name of the horse that won the 1990 English Grand National? Mr Frisk
21 Which chemical element is represented by Zr on the Periodic Table? Zirconium
22 The medical condition aphakia affects which part of the body? Eye
23 ‘Timen of…..’where’? is a play by William Shakespeare? Athens
24 On the UK television show ‘Deal or No Deal’ what is the highest ‘blue’ amount of money? £750
25 What is the staff called carried by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of imperial authority? Sceptre
26 Sauternes wine comes from which country? France
27 A ‘Fresh Breeze’ is what number on the Beaufort Scale? 5
28 ‘The Clockwork Orange’ is the nickname of which British city’s underground railway system? Glasgow
29 Miss Able and Miss Baker, the first living creatures to return alive to Earth from space, aboard the flight Jupiter AM-18 in 1959, were what type of animals? Monkeys
30 Which darts player has the nickname ‘Celtic Warrior’? Wayne Atwood