1 How many coloured rings are on the Olympic flag? Five
2 Who was the founder of the modern Olympic Games? Pierre de Coubertin
3 The Olympic Torch is lit at which ancient site? Olympia
4 In which US state were the 1960 Winter Olympic Games held? California
5 An Olympiad is a period of how many successive years? Four
6 The decathlon is contested over how many days? Two
7 The Olympic Marathon is held in commemoration of which ancient Greek soldier who ran from Marathon to Athens? Pheidippides
8 Which country has won the most medals in total at the Summer Olympic Games? United States of America
9 Which event is sometimes referred to as the ‘Hop, step and jump’? Triple jump
10 Which US retired speed skater has won five gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games? Bonnie Blair
11 Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 seven times in a row, at the 1976 Montreal Games? Nadia Comaneci
12 During which three years were the modern Summer Olympic Games cancelled? 1916, 1940, 1944
13 The distance of the Olympic marathon is 26 miles and how many yards? 385 yards
14 Which European city hosted the first Olympic Games in which women were allowed to participate? Paris – 1900
15 At the 1896 Athens Summer Olympic Games, the winners were given a silver medal and a branch from which type of tree? Olive
16 Which British sportsman was the first 2012 Olympic Torchbearer in the UK? Ben Ainslie
17 The 1981 film ‘Chariots of Fire’ was based on the stories of which two British athletes? Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell
18 Who was the only Olympic medallist to have won the Nobel Peace Prize? Philip Noel-Baker
19 Composer Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou is better known by what name? Vangelis – wrote the music to Chariots of Fire
20 The length of the Olympic marathon was extended for which British monarch, so that the competitors finished in front of where the monarch was seated? King Edward VII
21 What are the names of the two 2012 London Olympic Games mascots? Wenlock and Mandeville
22 Which Olympic sprinter was the star of the 1928 film ‘The Olympic Hero’? Charles Paddock
23 Which British female swimmer won a silver medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games for the 400 metre medley? Sharron Davies
24 Which European city hosted the 2004 Summer Olympic Games? Athens
25 Which gymnast has won the most gold medals, nine in total, in Olympic history? Larrisa Latynina
26 Which US Olympic swimmer is nicknamed the ‘Baltimore Bullet’? Michael Phelps
27 The men’s football team from which country won the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics? Argentina
28 What was the name of the horse that Zara Phillips (Tindall) should have ridden at the 2008 Summer Olympics, but had to pull out because of an injury to the horse? Toytown
29 Which British rower won five gold medals in five consecutive Olympic Games? Steve Redgrave
30 In which European city was the first opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held? London
31 Which country’s team always leads the procession of athletes during the Olympic Opening Ceremony? Greece
32 During which year were the last Olympic Gold Medals awarded that were made entirely of gold? 1912
33 The heptathlon is made up of how many events? Seven
34 In 1924, which country hosted the first Winter Olympic Games? France
35 How many chances in each round do high-jumpers get to clear the bar? Three
36 In ancient Olympic Games, some men wore a ‘kynodesme’ to restrain which part of their body? Penis
37 In 1960, who became the first Sub-Saharan African to win an Olympic Gold Medal? Abebe Bikila
38 In 1920, which Belgian sportsman was the very first competitor to take the Olympic oath on behalf of all the other competitors? Victor Boin
39 The ‘J’ approach and the ‘Flared’ approach are associated with which event? High Jump
40 Which is the only nation to have won at least one medal in every Summer Olympic Games? Great Britain