1 Created by cartoonist Robert Lips, cartoon character ‘Globi’ originated in which European country? Switzerland
2 Acute Coryza is a medical term for which common complaint? A cold
3 How many players are on the field in a team during a game of Canadian Box Lacrosse? Six
4 Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was elected Prime Minister of which country in March 2004? Spain
5 Who recorded the 1965 song ‘Eve of Destruction’, a protest song against the Vietnam War? Barry McGuire
6 In which English city did the Belgrade Theatre open in 1958? Coventry
7 Which Spice Girl took part in ‘Dancing With the Stars’, the US version of the UK television show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’? Melanie Brown (Scary Spice)
8 Which US highway is known as the ‘Loneliest Road in America’? Route/Highway 50
9 In humans the atlas and axis bones are in which part of the body? Neck
10 A polyglot is someone who uses or knows several what? Languages
11 Sastrugi are parallel wave-like ridges caused by winds on the surface of what? Snow
12 What is the name of the village druid in the comic strip ‘Asterix’? Getafix
13 ‘Bankable Productions’, an independent film and television production company, was founded by which former model? Tyra Banks
14 ‘Podshaving’ is the art of hand-making which piece of sports equipment? Cricket bat
15 In 1786, Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard became the first climbers to reach the summit of which European mountain? Mont Blanc
16 Which female gymnast won Gold Medals in the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise events in the 1972 Summer Olympics? Olga Korbut
17 In marketing, what does USP stand for? Unique Selling Point/Proposition
18 Which Michelin star chef launched his own brand of beer called ‘The Governor’ in 2011? Marco Pierre White
19 According to the proverb ‘People in glass houses shouldn’t do what’? Throw stones
20 How many ounces are in a US (short) ton? 32,000
21 On a QWERTY keyboard which letter lies between A and D? S
22 Fictional character Cruella De Vil is associated with which breed of dog? Dalmation
23 Eboracum was the Latin name for which English city? York
24 Which fictional doctor lives in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh? Dr Doolittle
25 In sport, what is the informal name of the box or bench to which offending players be sent as a penalty during a game? Sin bin
26 What is the name of the short, horizontal pole projecting from a wall on which scaffold floorboards rest? Putlog (or putlock)
27 In the Batman series of films, what is Alfred the butler’s surname? Pennyworth
28 In which part of the human body are the metatarsus bones? Foot
29 What breed of animal is a Chester White? Pig
30 Boss, Flex, Vane and Nock are terms used in which sport? Archery