1 The Gopik is a unit of currency in which country? Azerbaijan
2 What does ‘GLAAD’ stand for, an organisation which promotes positive images of lesbian, gay and transgender people in the media? Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
3 In the 1990 film ‘White Hunter, Black Heart’, Clint Eastwood’s character is based on which film director? John Huston
4 Virologist Max Theiler won a 1951 Nobel Prize for developing a vaccine against which disease? Yellow Fever
5 Which record label is named after founders Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss? A&M Records
6 Which German composer wrote the oratorios ‘Elijah’ and ‘St Paul’? Mendelssohn
7 Sufferers, Locksmen and Dreads are followers of which religion? Rastafarian
8 Which prolific English Novelist’s first book was entitled ‘Jigsaw’? Barbara Cartland
9 What does ‘N’ represent in the Periodic Table? Nitrogen
10 Which late singer had a favourite pet cat called Delilah? Freddie Mercury
11 Agrava, Cephlon and Virn are all fictional planets in which BBC science fiction television series? Blake’s 7
12 The Apo Reef lies off the coast of which country? Philippines
13 Who is the voice of Charlotte the spider in the 2006 film ‘Charlotte’s Web’? Julia Roberts
14 Which city hosted the 2010 Paralympic Games? Vancouver
15 The 1965 film ‘The Heroes of Telemark’ is set in which European country? Norway
16 Femicide is the killing of which members of society? Women
17 The Carisbrook Rugby Stadium is in which country? New Zealand
18 Los Barcos was the name of the fictional village in which BBC television series? Eldorado
19 In September 2011, which British comedian swam the length of the River Thames for charity? David Walliams
20 ‘The Evil Monk’ coffee liqueur is named after who? Grigori Rasputin
21 Which British newspaper was launched with the slogan ‘It is, are you’? The Independent
22 What is the name of the bank in the UK television series ‘Dad’s Army’? Swallow Bank
23 In humans, the medical condition ageusia affects which of the senses? Taste
24 VT is the abreviation for which US state? Vermont
25 Which beverage, introduced in 1898, was originally called ‘Brad’s Drink’? Pepsi-Cola
26 Which US businessman funded the Standard Oil Company? John D Rockefeller
27 What colour are the two stars on the national flag of Syria? Green
28 What is the capital of Morocco? Rabat
29 Who did actor Jack May play in the BBC radio series ‘The Archers’? Nelson Gabriel
30 In humans, Duane Syndrome affects which part of the body? Eye