1 What is the surname of rowing brothers Greg and Jonny, who won Olympic Gold Medals in 1992? Searle
2 In the Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield, what are the first names of David’s two wives? Dora and Agnes
3 Joe Frazier said ‘He’s phoney, using his blackness to get his way’, about which other boxer? Muhammed Ali
4 The Hel Peninsula is part of which European country? Poland
5 What is the title of the 1978 sequel to the 1970 film ‘Love Story’, starring Ryan O’Neal’? Oliver’s Story
6 Who wrote the children’s story ‘James and the Giant Peach’? Roald Dahl
7 Richard Clement Moody became governor of which island group in 1841? Falkland Isalnds
8 Soft, Rigid Gas Permeable and Plano are all types of what? Contact Lenses
9 The Battle of Caporetto was fought during which war? World War I
10 What is the name of the official residence of the Mayor of the City of New York? Gracie Mansion
11 Which US singer released a 2010 album entitled ‘The Lady Killer’? Cee Lo Green
12 ‘The Postage Stamp’ is a hole on which Scottish golf course? Royal Troon
13 The Guinness Book of Records described which actor as ‘The most versatile actor in the world’ in a 1979 entry? Robert Duvall
14 Chasselas is a variety of which fruit? Grape
15 Zermatt and Verbier are ski resorts in which European country? Switzerland
16 In King Arthur’s ‘Camelot’, what is Excalibur? A sword
17 What does a philographist collect? Autographs
18 How many months is the gestation period for an elephant? 22
19 Raclette, Tilsit and Sbrinz are all types of which foodstuff? Cheese
20 What is the name of Britain’s highest chalk sea cliff? Beachy Head
21 Which British actor played the role of Leon Trotsky in the 1972 film ‘The Assassination of Trotsky’? Richard Burton
22 Pumba is what type of animal in the film ‘The Lion King’? Warthog
23 Which is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury
24 ‘The Ceremony of the Keys’ takes place each night at which London landmark? The Tower of London
25 In September 1951, which three countries signed a mutual defence pact, known as the ANZUS Treaty? Australia, New Zealand, United States
26 The island of Gran Canaria lies in which body of water? Atlantic Ocean
27 Who became leader of the Britain’s Liberal Party in January 1967? Jeremy Thorpe
28 Situated in New York, what does MoMA stand for? Museum of Modern Art
29 Adam Richman takes on food challenges in which US television series? Man v. Food
30 Derek Hatton was deputy leader of which English city’s council in the 1980’s? Liverpool