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1 Which country has the internet domain .de?
2 An 18th Century dandy and a type of pasta share which name?
3 If an organism is halophile, what type of conditions can it tolerate?
4 Which American philosopher built a hut near Walden pond, Concord in 1845, and lived there as a hermit for a few years?
5 Leontes King of Sicilia is a character in which Shakespeare play?
6 Which band released an 1984 album entitled ‘Legend’?
7 The medical condition aphagia is the inability or refusal to do what?
8 The 1988 film ‘Frantic’, starring Harrison Ford, is set in which European city?
9 Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters and Bourbon Whiskey are the ingredients of which cocktail?
10 ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ is associated with which British institution?
11 Anserine relates to which creature?
12 A sequicentenary is an anniversary of how many years?
13 What is the name of Tom and Barbara’s goat in the UK television series ‘The Good Life’?
14 Jenny Pitman was the trainer of which 1995 Grand National winning horse?
15 Late singer Davy Jones can be heard asking a studio engineer ‘What number is this Chip?’ at the beginning of which Monkees song?
16 The 17th Century explorer Robert Cavelier (or Robert de la Salle) canoed down which American river and claimed the entire river basin for France?
17 What was Britain’s first local BBC radio station, launched in 1967?
18 Which French port did RMS Titanic call at after leaving Southampton in April 1912?
19 Which novelist won the 1993 Booker Prize for his novel ‘Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha’?
20 Singer Doug Trendle is better known by what name?
21 What is the International Vehicle Registration for Cambodia?
22 The ‘Explorer Belt Award’ is awarded to which group of people?
23 Barbara Pierce is married to which former US President?
24 Opera singer Leyla Gencer was born in which European country?
25 Perkin Warbeck, a pretender to the throne, was executed during the reign of which English monarch?
26 What is the cube-root of 343?
27 The city of Linz is in which European country?
28 The bull represents which sign of the Zodiac?
29 In which South American country does Angostura Bitters originally come from?
30 Bind, Feint and Parry are all terms used in which sport?