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1 Morty and Ferdie are the nephews of which cartoon character?
2 What type of bird is a kookaburra?
3 The coronation of British monarch King George VI took place in which London building?
4 In Greek mythology, the 100 eyes of watchman Argus were placed on the tail of which bird by Juno, after he fell asleep, closing all of his eyes?
5 What is the national flower of France?
6 Which US President was given the nickname the ‘Great Engineer’?
7 The city of Samara is in which European country?
8 Pruritus is the medical name for which skin condition in humans?
9 ‘Miercoles’ is the Spanish name for which day of the week?
10 What type of creature is a quarrion?
11 What is the geometric figure or design which represents the universe in Hindu or Buddhist symbolism?
12 In heraldry, a bar sinister, a broad diagonal stripe from top right to bottom left on a shield, was supposed to signify what?
13 Which tennis player won the 2005 Wimbledon Men’s Finals?
14 In which 1979 film did Pierce Brosnan make his movie debut as an IRA hitman?
15 What is the longest chapter in a book of the Bible?
16 Homichlophobia is the irrational fear of which weather condition?
17 What is the branch of medicine called that is concerned with the causes and effects of disease?
18 Who wrote the 1973 novel ‘A Fairy Tale of New York’?
19 In the human body, what is stored in adipose tissue?
20 Flora, Merryweather and King Hubert are all characters in which Disney film?
21 Footvolley, a variation of football, originated in which country?
22 In which country was actress Audrey Hepburn born?
23 What is the US state capital of Iowa?
24 Pearl and Moonstone are traditional modern birthstones for which month of the year?
25 In religion, what is the name of the place where Sikhs come together for congregational worship?
26 Josephine Cochran(e) made which first practical mechanical household appliance in 1886?
27 The Sudirman Cup is a challenge trophy contested by mixed teams in which sport?
28 Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson play the head butler and housekeeper in which 1993 film?
29 The European city of Rome lies on which river?
30 The 11th Century nobleman Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar was better known by what name?