1 Which US athlete won a gold medal for the high jump in the 1968 Summer Olympics? Dick Fosbury
2 In which London street does fictional character Sweeney Todd have his barber shop? Fleet Street
3 What type of fruit is a Comice? Pear
4 The Nullarbor Plain is in which country? Australia
5 A Saturniid is what type of creature? Moth
6 Who released a 1980 album entitled ‘Tennis’? Chris Rea
7 A polynya is a stretch of open water surrounded by what? Sea ice
8 What is the official language of Nicaragua? Spanish
9 In British politics, who had the nickname ‘The Beast of Bolsover’? Dennis Skinner
10 Who wrote the plays ‘The Cocktail Party’ and ‘The Family Reunion’? T.S.Eliot
11 Used in cooking, agar-agar is a gelatin made from what? Seaweed
12 Avian influenza affects which type of creatures? Birds
13 Bubble Eye, Shubunkin and Oranda are all types of which creature? Goldfish
14 On a standard dartboard, which number lies between 13 and 18? 4
15 What is the profession of Bill Murray’s character in the 1993 film ‘Groundhog Day’? Weatherman
16 The controversial Boruca Dam is in which South American country? Costa Rica
17 The ‘Hats’ and the ‘Caps’ were political factions during the 18th Century ‘Age of Liberty’ in which European country? Sweden
18 Ornithophobia is the irrational fear of which creatures? Birds
19 The town of Purgatory is in which US state? Maine
20 What was the first scheduled television programme to be shown in the UK on BBC2? Play School
21 Which English agriculturalist developed a horse-drawn seed drill in 1701? Jethro Tull
22 British comedian Michael Joseph Pennington is better known by what name? Johnny Vegas
23 The National Art Library is in which London museum? Victoria and Albert Museum
24 Which King of Sparta was the husband of Helen of Troy? Menelaus
25 Which famous monument stands in the centre of the ‘Place Charles de Gaulle’ in Paris? Arc de Triomphe
26 Which US musician launched ‘Mansinthe’, his own brand of Absinthe in 2007? Marilyn Manson
27 The ‘I’m Backing Britain’ campaign for working an extra half an hour a day with no extra pay was endorsed by which Prime Minister? Harold Wilson
28 On the ‘eBay’ website logo, what colour is the ‘e’? Red
29 The Australian city of Melnbourne lies at the mouth of which river? Yarra River
30 In digital imaging, what does CCD stand for? Charge-coupled device