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1 Cointreau, lemon juice and which spirit make a Sidecar cocktail?
2 Which cigarette brand was launched in 1924 with the slogan ‘Mild As May’?
3 Which US artist died in a car crash in August 1956, aged 44?
4 In humans, the condition erythema affects which part of the body?
5 The Aviva Premiership is a professional English league competition in which sport?
6 Who wrote the novel ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’?
7 ‘On Stranger Tides’ and ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ are subtitles of which series of films?
8 In the game of darts, what is the name of the line behind which the players stand to throw their darts?
9 What is the word for ‘Friend’ in Swahili?
10 What type of acid is secreted by red ants and stinging nettles?
11 What is the extreme sport called in which a person hurls themselves down a hill inside a large hollow ball?
12 How many pins are on a SCART connector, used to connect video equipment?
13 In November 2011, which rock star was made an ‘Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters’ in Paris, one of France’s highest cultural awards?
14 A Sergeant Baker is what type of creature?
15 Pomiculture is the cultivation of what?
16 In September 2011, who became the oldest living artist to have a number one album, with Duets II, in the US charts?
17 In cookery, calabaza is also called West Indian ‘what’?
18 Tom, Barbara, Jerry and Margo are all characters in which 1970’s UK television sitcom?
19 Sindh is a province of which Asian country?
20 Russian dessert ‘Pashka’ is traditionally eaten during which religious holiday?
21 What is the name of the jockey who won the 2011 English Grand National on Ballabriggs?
22 In the UK television series ‘Sharpe’, starring Sean Bean, what is Sharpe’s first name?
23 The diameter of a standard CD measures how many centimetres?
24 Olympus is the highest peak on which Mediterranean island?
25 Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Barry were mistresses of which French King?
26 In the nursery rhyme, who met a Pieman going to the fair?
27 Odontology is the scientific study of what?
28 The wine ‘Bull’s Blood’ of Eger is produced in which country?
29 Who became US Secretary of State in 2009?
30 In Britain, ‘The Habeas Corpus Act’ of 1679 was passed during the reign of which monarch?