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1 Who wrote the 1934 novel ‘I, Claudius’?
2 Who played Dorothy Zbornak in the US tv show ‘The Golden Girls’?
3 Who became Chancellor of West Germany in 1969?
4 What was the title of the 2006 Christmas episode of BBC tv’s ‘Doctor Who’?
5 Which former US President had a pet Labrador Retriever called Buddy?
6 Who played Jenna Wade in the US tv series ‘Dallas’?
7 What is the name of the small town in Australia which is famous for outlaw Ned Kelly’s Last Stand?
8 Who was the father of English monarch Queen Mary I?
9 ‘The Kiss’ is an 1889 work by which French sculptor?
10 In which European country is Lake Bolsena?
11 In medicine, glomerulonephritis affects which part of the body?
12 Which country hosted the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup?
13 Pattaya, Phucket and Koh Samui are tourist destinations in which country?
14 What is the science which maps the main features of the heavens and the earth, including astronomy, geography and geology?
15 In which year did Canada adopt the Maple Leaf Flag as its national flag?
16 Which element does Zn represent in the Periodic Table?
17 In entertainment, which Marx Brothers real name was Leonard?
18 Poul Schluter became Prime Minister of which country in September 1982?
19 What is fictional Inspector Maigret’s first name?
20 ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ is the first line of ‘Endymion’ by which poet?
21 The Tumut Hydroelectric Power Station is in which Australian state?
22 Who was the longest-serving presenter of UK children’s tv show ‘Blue Peter’?
23 Which, now defunct, political party was founded by Declan Ganley in April 2009?
24 Which animal is known as the ‘Waller’s Gazelle’?
25 In the novel ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by Tolkein, what is the name of the horse given to Gandalf by King Theoden?
26 Philip Morris launched which cigarette brand in 1924?
27 Which British monarch is portrayed in the 1940 film ‘The Sea hawk’, starring Errol Flynn?
28 What is the title of William Shakespeare’s longest play?
29 The International Society of Krishna Consciousness, also known as The Hare Krishna Movement, has its headquarters in which Indian city?
30 ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ is the theme tune to which US tv series?