1 What was the name of the horse on which jockey Richard Dunwoody won the 1986 Grand National? West Tip
2 Folic Acid is which vitamin? B9
3 Which spirit is traditionally used to make a Sazarac cocktail? Rye Whiskey
4 In human anatomy, the ‘sinciput’ forms which part of the body? Skull
5 Which religious reformer and theologian appeared before the ‘Diet of Worms’ in Germany in 1521? Martin Luther
6 Which cathedral contains the tomb of English monarch Edward II? Gloucester Cathedral
7 Poland, Russia, Sweden, Latvia, Germany and Finland all have a border on which body of water? Baltic Sea
8 Poet Wendy Cope wrote ‘Making Cocoa For……’who’? Kingsley Amis
9 The ‘Osborne Bull’ is the unofficial national symbol of which European country? Spain
10 In French cookery, what is the main ingredient of an ‘Amandine’ sauce? Almonds
11 What is the surname of the family in the tv series ‘Bonanza’? Cartwright
12 What is the nickname of Thierry Guetta, the French-born street-artist? Mr Brainwash
13 How many ounces in a UK (long) ton? 35840
14 Wolf Mankowitz wrote the 1953 novel ‘A Kid For Two….’what’? Farthings
15 In Greek mythology, sisters Stheno, Euryale and Medusa were the three what? Gorgons
16 Where is the UK’s annual four-day Bestival Music Festival held? Isle of Wight – Robin Hill Country Park
17 Rhythm and Blues musician and vocalist Ellas Otha Bates was better known by what name? Bo Diddley
18 In the game of Bingo, ‘Dirty Knees’ represents which number? 33
19 Caliban is a character in which Shakespeare play? The Tempest
20 William the Conqueror was Duke of which region of France from 1035 until his death? Normandy
21 In Irish mythology, what is a ‘Pooka’ (or Puca)? Goblin
22 Who plays Malcolm Tucker in the BBC comedy series ‘The Thick Of It’, which satirises the British modern government? Peter Capaldi
23 The Cordoba is the basic monetary unit of which country? Nicaragua
24 In UK employment, what did SERPS stand for between 1978 and 2002? State Earnings-Related Pensions Scheme
25 Phobos and Diemos are the moons of which planet in our solar system? Mars
26 What is the name of a triangle which has sides unequal in length? Scalene
27 Which English author wrote the ‘Swallows and Amazons’ series of children’s books? Arthur Ransome
28 Cynology is the study of which animals? Dogs
29 What is a ‘billets-doux’ in Engllish? Love letter
30 In the human body, which bone connects the humerus with the clavicle? Scapula (shoulder blade)