1 Doramania is an obsession with what? Fur
2 What is the title of the 1944 film starring Barbara Stanwyck as the wife who seduces an insurance salesman into killing her husband? Double Indemnity
3 Who won the 2008 Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon? Rafael Nadal
4 Silviculture is the growing and cultivation of what? Forests/trees
5 What is the name of the blind beggar in the novel ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson? Pew
6 Which modern-day country was previously known as Mesopotamia? Iraq
7 Ovine relates to which animal? Sheep
8 What is golfer Tiger Woods first name? Eldrick
9 The 2010 charity single ‘Helping Haiti’ is a cover of which REM song? Everybody Hurts
10 Which chess piece is in the shape of a horse’s head? Knight
11 If something is ‘septennial’, it lasts or recurs every how many years? Seven
12 ‘The fault…….is not in our stars, but in ourselves…’ is a quote from which play by William Shakespeare? Julius Caesar
13 What is the official language of Austria? German
14 Who became governor of The Bank of England in July 2003? Sir Mervyn King
15 James Bond is sent to which island at the beginning of the film ‘Dr No’? Jamaica
16 What is the name of the cup awarded to the winner of the annual Six Nations Championship rugby union match between England and Scotland? Calcutta Cup
17 What is the colour of the rose that is the historic symbol of the House of York? White
18 What is the collective name for a group of trout? Hover
19 Who played the role of Mandy Rice-Davies in the 1988 film ‘Scandal’? Bridget Fonda
20 Which British Prime Minister was famous for playing the organ? Edward Heath
21 Actor Russelll Crowe was born in which country? New Zealand
22 In the Bible, which modern-day country is referred to as ‘The land of milk and honey’? Israel
23 ‘The Harlot’s Progress’ is a series of paintings and engravings by which 18th Century English painter? William Hogarth
24 ‘Gooners’ are supporters of which London football club? Arsenal
25 What is the official name of Sixth Avenue in New York? Avenue of the Americas
26 ‘Moab is My Washpot’ is an autobiography by which British actor and television presenter? Stephen Fry
27 Which British Chancellor of the Exchequer introduced a Supertax (or Surtax) for the very rich? David Lloyd George
28 Who became quizmaster of the BBC’s ‘University Challenge’ in 1994? Jeremy Paxman
29 Which British singer released an 1998 album entitled ‘I’ve Been Expecting You’? Robbie Williams
30 What is the name of the girlfriend of cartoon character Donald Duck? Daisy Duck