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1 What was the name of the clothes shop opened by Mary Quant on London’s King’s Road in 1955?
2 In 1958, who became the youngest footballer, at age 17, to play in a World Cup?
3 In which African country is Lake George?
4 What is the name of the colliery in the 1939 film ‘The Stars Look Down’?
5 Who was the longest-serving Australian Prime Minister?
6 The Manuel M.Torres Dam is the largest hydro plant in which country?
7 What is the name of Peter Perfect’s car in the children’s tv cartoon series ‘Wacky Races’?
8 What was the former name of the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Min?
9 Which British swimmer won Olympic Gold Medals in 2008 in the 400 and 800 m freestyle?
10 ‘Do not go gentle into that good night…..Rage, rage against the dying of the light’ is from a poem by which British poet?
11 In Greek mythology, who unwittingly became the wife of her son Oedipus, and hanged herself when the relationship was discovered?
12 Who wrote the thriller novel ‘Birds of Prey’?
13 What is the name of the fringe on each corner of the Tallit, or shawl, worn by Jewish men for morning prayer?
14 Which British monarch had a cigar named after them?
15 The 1999 film ’10 Things I Hate About You’ is based on which Shakespeare play?
16 Which American comedian always ended his CBS variety show with the phrase ‘Say goodnight, Gracie’?
17 Who wrote the children’s series of ‘Mr Men’ books?
18 Eisoptrophobia is the irrational fear of which household items?
19 Who played Mike Young in the Australian tv soap ‘Neighbours’?
20 The plant ‘Helianthus Annuus’ is more commonly known by what name?
21 A probang is used to remove an object from, or apply medication to, which part of the body?
22 In religion, which King is referred to as the ‘Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah’?
23 In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, what is the name of Othello’s wife?
24 ‘Albrecht Discount’ supermarket is better known by what name?
25 The Manacle Rocks lie off the coast of which English county?
26 In the NATO phonetic alphabet, which word represents the letter I?
27 The Forint is the basic monetary unit of which European country?
28 Abuja is the capital of which West African republic?
29 What type of bird is a pochard?
30 Who wrote the children’s novel ‘Mary Poppins’?