1 Which US city is the setting for the 1987 film ‘Robocop’? Detroit
2 The Karoo is a semi-desert region of which country? South Africa
3 Liberation Day is celebrated in Italy during which month of the year? April – 25th
4 In the human body, the pollex is which part of the hand? Thumb
5 Which Austrian composer wrote the music for the German National Anthem? Franz Joseph Haydn
6 Muharram is the first month in which religious calender? Islamic
7 A Scotch Argus is what type of creature? Butterfly
8 Picholine, Gaeta and Kalamata are all varieties of which fruit? Olive
9 How many edges does a cube have? 12
10 According to the Bible, Ham was the second son of who? Noah
11 Oscar Wilde wrote about which English prison? Reading
12 How many imperial gallons are in a firkin? Nine
13 What is the national summer sport of Canada? Lacrosse
14 If something is preprandial, it is done or taken before what? Dinner/a meal
15 Stone Mountain Park is in which US state? Georgia
16 The substance propolis is also known as ‘what’ glue? Bee
17 Which artist created the dream sequence in the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘Spellbound’? Salvador Dali
18 Which German-born physicist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics? Albert Einstein
19 Which river in Australia does the Narrows Bridge cross? The Swan River
20 Los Pumas is the nickname of which country’s national rugby union team? Argentina
21 What were the first names of 19th Century architect A.G.Eiffel who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Alexandre Gustave
22 Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta played gangsters in which 1990 film? Goodfellas
23 The resort town of Whistler is in which Canadian province? British Columbia
24 The meibomian gland is found in which part of the human body? Eyelid
25 Which member of The Beatles appeared in a Japanese TV commercial for an apple drink? Ringo Starr
26 Who played Bubble in the UK tv comedy series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’? Jane Horrocks
27 Who invented the Miner’s Safety Lamp? Humphry Davy
28 Markswoman and entertainer Phoebe Anne Mozee (or Moses) was better known by what name? Annie Oakley
29 ‘Operation Desert Storm’ took place during which war? Gulf War I – 1991
30 On December 31st 1991 US based Time magazine named which animated tv show as ‘The 20th Century’s Best Television Series’? The Simpsons