1 In 1818, British obstetrician James Blundell performed the first successful human what? Blood transfusion
2 Which British explorer arrived in Tahiti in 1769? Captain James Cook
3 Who played the title role in the 1975 film ‘Barry Lyndon’? Ryan O’Neal
4 In 1907, which ill-fated liner of the Cunard Line made its maiden voyage? RMS Lusitania
5 Who was the last British Prime minister to die in office? Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston
6 Aravind Adiga’s novel ‘The White Tiger’ won which prestigious award in 2008? The Man Booker Prize
7 NaCl is the chemical compound of which common substance? Salt (Sodium Chloride)
8 Which actress played the role of identical twins, Susan and Sharon, in the 1961 film ‘The Parent Trap’? Hayley Mills
9 In cooking, 190 degrees Celsius is the equivalent to which Gas Mark? 5
10 What do the interior angles of a hexagon add up to in degrees? 720
11 The Big Muddy River in Southern Illinois joins which other river? Mississippi River
12 Marie Antoinette was married to which French King? Louis XVI
13 The drug ‘Reyataz’ is used for treating which medical condition? HIV
14 Who was replaced by Sid Vicious as bassist in the punk rock band The Sex Pistols? Glen Matlock
15 The roe of lumpfish is used as a substitute for which delicacy? Caviar
16 In banking, what does ATM stand for? Automated Teller Machine
17 Which singer released the single ‘Lonely’ in 2005? Akon
18 In Greek mythology, what is the name of the nymph who was pursued by Apollo and transformed by the gods into a laurel bush? Daphne
19 In botany, what is the decay-resistant outer coating of a pollen grain or spore called? Exine
20 In Vermont, USA, there is an old law stating that it is illegal for women to wear what without their husbands written consent? False teeth
21 Actor Nicholas Cage plays gun-runner Yuri Orlov in which 2005 film? Lord of War
22 The first Stock-Exchange in America was founded in which city? Philadelphia
23 What is the eighth sign of the Zodiac? Scorpio
24 To the nearest month, what is the gestation period of a horse? Eleven months
25 Which 18th Century scientist and politician invented a glass harmonica (or ‘armonica) in 1761? Benjamin Franklin
26 British tv ‘Dragon’ Theo Paphitis was the chairman of which London football club for eight years until 2006? Millwall
27 Which two mainland European countries compete in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament? France and Italy
28 In medicine, algology is the study of what? Pain
29 Who invented the Mercury Thermometer in 1714? Daniel Farenheit
30 Sir Walter Raleigh was executed during the reign of which English monarch? James I