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1 What type of animal is Baloo in the novel ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling?
2 Who did Venus Williams defeat in the 2000 Ladies Singles Finals at Wimbledon?
3 Which two actors play the fire-fighting McCaffrey brothers in the 1991 film ‘Backdraft’?
4 Omar Suleiman was the Vice President of which African country?
5 Ergasiomania is the obsessive need to do what?
6 In Greek mythology, who was the beautiful youth loved by Aphrodite?
7 Which Briton set the Women’s Freediving World Record in April 2009?
8 Which of Shakespeare’s plays is set in Elsinore?
9 Who became the first female muslim cabinet minister in the British government?
10 The Cerrado is a tropical savanna ecoregion in which South American country?
11 The Yom Kippur War, or October War, took place during which year?
12 An antipyretic drug reduces what in humans?
13 Which perfume featured in the first advert on UK tv’s Channel 5?
14 A pupitre is a rack used in the production of what?
15 In the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, what is the name of Mr Rochester’s home?
16 On a mobile phone keypad, the letters ‘MNO’ are on which number button?
17 ‘The Backgammon Players’ is a 17th Century painting by which Dutch artist?
18 How much, in British pounds sterling, did the Sinclair C5 electric vehicle sell for in the UK when it was launched in 1985?
19 The Bank of England was established during the reign of which British monarch?
20 Which fraternal organisation has a square and compasses, with or without a letter ‘G’, as its logo?
21 How many hoops are in a game of association croquet?
22 In retail, what does BOGOF stand for?
23 The 17th Century ‘Meal Tub Plot’ was against which future king of England?
24 The ram represents which sign of the Zodiac?
25 What does a cordwainer make?
26 In British politics, who was described as ‘The Chingford Skinhead’?
27 ‘Mehefin’ is Welsh for which month of the year?
28 What type of creature is a quelea?
29 The island of Feurteventura lies in which body of water?
30 Douglas, Fraser and Noble are all which type of tree?