1 In 1889 which American inventor devised the first flexible transparent film suitable for motion pictures? George Eastman
2 What is the first part of the Jewish Bible called, which refers to the first five books of Moses? The Torah
3 A halophyte is a plant that grows in what type of conditions? Saline
4 The Transandine Railway runs between which two South American countries? Chile and Argentina
5 Which author wrote the book ‘The Firm’, ‘The Pelican Brief’ and ‘The Rainmaker’? John Grisham
6 In humans, emesis is more commonly known as what? Vomiting
7 ‘Dimanche’ is French for which day of the week? Sunday
8 In which 1932 film does Greta Garbo say the line ‘I want to be alone’? Grand Hotel
9 What name is given to an ornamental, usually coloured, design made of small pieces of hard material such as stone, tile or glass? Mosaic
10 Who was the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa? Louis Botha
11 Sinology is the study of the language, history and culture of which country? China
12 A bronze medal is traditionally awarded for which place in a competition or race? Third
13 Irish darts player John MaGowan is known by what nickname? Mr Magoo
14 Which spirit is traditionally used to make a Tom Collins cocktail? Gin
15 On the human body, a keloid is a type of what? Scar
16 Which English singer/songwriter released a 2010 album entitled ‘Lights’? Ellie Goulding
17 Which French king was known as ‘The Quarrelsome’ (Le Hutin)? Louis X
18 In a rugby union team, what number does the fly half wear on their shirt? 10
19 What does the Latin phrase ‘Ad astra’ translate to in English? To the stars
20 What is the square root of 225? 15
21 What is a baby skunk called? A kit
22 ‘Coach’ is a brand name for which fashion items? Handbags
23 Misr is the local name for which North African country? Egypt
24 What is the first name of Mr Darcy in the 2001 film ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’? Mark
25 A ladder-back is a type of what? Chair
26 Which river runs past Balmoral Castle in Scotland? River Dee
27 In the British military, a bombadier is equivalent to which other rank? Corporal
28 A moa was what type of creature? Bird
29 Hafnia was the Latin name for which Danish city? Copenhagen
30 On a can of WD-40, what does the WD stand for? Water Displacement