1 What is the national flower of South Africa? Protea
2 Meles Zenawi became Prime Minister of which country in 1995? Ethiopia
3 The Burgos Cathedral is in which European country? Spain
4 Which US President was given the nickname ‘The Comeback Kid’? Bill Clinton
5 Which champion racehorse, who died in 1932, was sometimes referred to as ‘Australia’s Wonder Horse’? Phar Lap
6 Mountjoy Prison is in which European city? Dublin
7 What colour are post/mail boxes in Morocco? Yellow
8 Napoleon and Snowball appear in which 1945 novel? Animal Farm
9 What is the US state capital of Illinois? Springfield
10 Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in which modern-day European country? Poland
11 Actor Sid James played the character Sid Boggle in which ‘Carry On’ film? Carry On Camping
12 What is the basic currency in Greenland? Krone
13 In humans, epicondylitis affects which part of the body? Elbow
14 Nefertiti was the wife of which Egyptian Pharaoh? Akhenaten
15 Which country has the internet domain .fi? Finland
16 What type of creature is a bummalo? Fish
17 What was the first name of Roget, the compiler of the first ‘Roget’s Thesaurus’? Peter
18 In which 1974 and 2003 films does the character ‘Leatherface’ appear? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
19 Campanology is the study and art of what? Bell ringing
20 Who was former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Chief Press Secretary? Bernard Ingham
21 Which South American country has borders with all other South American countries apart from Ecuador and Chile? Brazil
22 Fanny Price is the main character in which Jane Austen novel? Mansfield Park
23 In the UK, which year was the Royal Automobile Club founded? 1897
24 Which 1980 film, starring Kris Kristofferson, and generally considered the biggest flop in cinema history contributed to the bankruptcy of United Artists? Heaven’s Gate
25 The Russian seaport Novorossiysk lies on which body of water? Black Sea
26 Jock, Trusty, Toughy and Pedro are all characters in which Disney film? Lady and the Tramp
27 Who led the 1381 Peasants Revolt in the UK, with Jack Straw, John Ball and others, and was stabbed to death by the Lord Mayor of London? Wat Tyler
28 The UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) was founded in which European country in 1954? Switzerland
29 What does ‘S’ represent in the Periodic Table? Sulphur
30 A hangover cure, made traditionally with raw, egg, Worcestershire Sauce and seasoning, is known as a ‘Prairie….what’? Oyster