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1 What type of fish is used in making Worcestershire Sauce?
2 The dish ‘Carpaccio’ was invented at Harry’s bar in which European city?
3 The cocktail ‘Death in the Afternoon’, consisting of Absinthe and Champagne, was invented by which American author?
4 Cavendish, Orinoco and Lady Finger are all varieties of which fruit?
5 What colour is the liqueur ‘Parfait d’Amour’?
6 The two small pieces of dark meat at the back of poultry near the thigh are commonly known by what name?
7 Coffee company Douwe Egberts was founded in which European country in 1753?
8 According to the Bible, which fruit was Moses told by God must be worn on the hem of the robes for ministering service?
9 Lactuca Sativa is the Latin name for which common vegetable?
10 Cullen Skink is traditionally made from which type of fish?
11 Halloumi cheese originated on which Mediterranean island?
12 Traditionally made in Mexico, ‘bolillo’ is a type of what?
13 What is the name of the clarified butter used in Indian cookery?
14 In January 2009, which British politician submitted a recipe for ‘Rumblethumps’ to a cook book for Donaldson’s School for the Deaf, describing it as his favourite food?
15 What was the boot made of which actor Charlie Chaplin ate in the 1925 film ‘The Gold Rush’?
16 Which British singer famously said in 1983 that he preferred a cup of tea to sex?
17 Which chef starred in the British reality television series ‘The Restaurant’?
18 What was the name of English comedian Jimmy Carr’s flavour crisp, produced by Walkers for Red Nose Day 2011?
19 What is the favourite food of fictional characters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
20 Which dessert is also known as ‘Tuscan Trifle’?