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1 How many days are in a Leap Year?
2 An end-of-century year cannot be a Leap year unless it is divisible by what number?
3 How many Leap Days occur in 400 years?
4 In England and Wales, what is the date of the legal birthday for someone born on 29th February?
5 In which Gilbert and Sullivan opera does Frederic only count his Leap Year birthdays, so his apprenticeship would not end until he is in his eighties?
6 English actor Joss Ackland was born on 29th February in which year?
7 What is it traditional for women to do on 29th February?
8 People born on 29th February have which Zodiac sign?
9 Which Saint was said to have set aside 29th February as the day that women were allowed to propose to men?
10 The Leap Year Cocktail, which consists of gin, Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth and lemon juice, was invented at which London hotel on 29th February 1928?
11 February 30th was a real date in which Scandinavian country?
12 The town of Anthony in which US state was known as ‘The Leap Year Capital of the World’?
13 In which country in the UK did it used to be considered unlucky to be born on a Leap Day?
14 Babies born on 29th February are known as what?
15 Sadie Hawkins Day, usually celebrated in the US on 29th February, is named after a character in which Al Capp comic strip?
16 In which European country is it considered unlucky to marry on a Leap Day?
17 If a man refused a proposal from a woman on 29th February what two things did he have to give her?
18 Which Roman Emperor was said to be behind the origin of the Leap Year?
19 In Scotland, what colour petticoat should women wear, and make sure it is partly visible, to ensure success when they propose to a man?
20 A Leap Year occurs every how many years?