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1 Who played the title role in the 1971 film ‘Klute’?
2 The Pitt Rivers Museum is in which English city?
3 What is a person who makes barrels or casks called?
4 Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and Lady Margaret Beaufort were the parents of which Engllish monarch?
5 What did fictional detective Sherlock Holmes keep in the toe of his Persian slipper?
6 How many planets are in our solar system have rings?
7 Red Max, Professor Pat Pending and Blubber Bear are characters in which children’s tv series?
8 Edouard Daladier became Prime Minister of which country in 1933?
9 On a standard dartboard, what number lies opposite 17?
10 Which year does Michael J Fox travel back to in the 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’?
11 Geel is Dutch for which colour?
12 Ascham, Clout and Limbs are all terms used in which sport?
13 In which European country are the Lammermuir Hills?
14 In the game of Scrabble, a ‘Q’ tile is worth how many points?
15 Which British author and campaigner for women’s rights, born in 1880, was a pioneer of birth control?
16 Author N.S. Norway is better known by what name?
17 Incheon International Airport serves which Asian city?
18 What does the Latin phrase ‘Cave canem’ translate to in English?
19 The Pontipines and the Tombliboos appear in which UK children’s tv programme?
20 Who was Britain’s first divorced Prime Minister?
21 What is the name of the sea which lies between the Philippines and Borneo?
22 Singer Sertab Erener won the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest for which country?
23 England’s largest free-standing Roman ruin is situated in which county?
24 In the human body, the aorta carries blood from which organ?
25 Which creatures are used as croquet balls in the novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’?
26 Which English football team knocked both Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC out of the 2007/2008 FA Cup?
27 In the Bible, what are the names of the two cities destroyed by God for their sins?
28 What is the word for ‘lion’ in Swahili?
29 What is the name of the sharp-toothed wheel inserted into the end of a spur?
30 Which Spanish artist painted the series known as ‘Fantasy and Invention’ in the 18th century?