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1 In medicine, what does DVT stand for?
2 Nairobi is the capital of which country?
3 What is the sediment at the bottom of a wine barrel called after fermentation?
4 Which singer plays Chicago police officer Sharon Pogue in the 2001 film ‘Angel Eyes’?
5 Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud was the first king of which Asian state?
6 Which tennis player won the 2011 Women’s Wimbledon Championship?
7 Who wrote the poem ‘The Lady of the Lake’?
8 Gallipoli is in which European country?
9 Which English sailor made the first solo voyage around the world by the clipper route?
10 Blenheim Palace is in which English county?
11 In Greek mythology, Boreas, Eurus, Notus and Zephryus were all what?
12 What type of creature is a flying fox?
13 In medicine, otitis is the inflammation of which part of the body?
14 Enid Lyons was the first woman to be appointed to the federal cabinet in which country?
15 The Pieniny National Park is in which European country?
16 Joseph Wiseman played which James Bond villain?
17 A grisette is a variety of which foodstuff?
18 In the children’s tv series, what is the name of Bob the Builder’s cat?
19 Mr Barkis, Edward Murdstone and Tommy Traddles are all characters in which Charles Dickens novel?
20 Vladimir Kramnik became World Champion in November 2000 in which game?
21 What was the first product sold by Heinz in 1869?
22 Garter, Chevron, Pavilion and Windmill are all terms used in which handicraft?
23 German army officer Erwin Rommel was known by what nickname?
24 In the initials FRCVS, what does V stand for?
25 The US tv show ‘All in the Family’ was based on which British tv sitcom?
26 The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral is in which European city?
27 In which year was the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race declared a draw because it was said that the judge was asleep under a bush as the crews passed the finish line?
28 MD is the abbreviation for which US state?
29 What is the main ingredient of the soup shchi?
30 Henry Blake, Charles Winchester and Father Mulcahy are all characters in which US tv series?