1 Pteridology is the study of which type of plants? Ferns
2 Cantabrigians are residents of which English city? Cambridge
3 According to the Bible, what was the name of Noah’s second son? Ham
4 In which English city was the UK tv soap ‘Albion Market’ set? Salford
5 Which type of seeds are traditionally used in a recipe for seed cake? Caraway seeds
6 Scrumpy is a type of which alcoholic drink? Cider
7 At which temperature do Fahrenheit and Celsius meet? -40 degrees
8 The Greek national anthem has a total of how many verses (or stanzas)? 158
9 Which late singer was known as the ‘Electric Poet’? Jim Morrison
10 An atoll is formed by which natural substance? Coral
11 Port-of-Spain is the capital of which Caribbean republic? Trinidad & Tobago
12 Which famous British author used the pen name Mary Westmacott? Agatha Christie
13 In sport, what does IOC stand for? International Olympic Committee
14 What are the names of Peter Rabbit’s sisters in ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ by Beatrix Potter? Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail
15 What does an anemometer measure? Wind speed
16 What are the name of the veins on each side of the neck which drain blood from the head and neck to larger veins passing to the heart? Jugular
17 Who wrote the novel ‘The Invisible Man’, published in 1897? H.G.Wells
18 Mount Chimborazo is in which South American country? Ecuador
19 What is the basic monetary unit of Israel? Shekel
20 In June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungary throne, was assassinated in which Bosnian province? Sarajevo
21 In 1937, which aviatrix disappeared on a flight from New Guinea to Howland Island? Amelia Earhart
22 Demophobia is the irrational fear of what? Crowds
23 Which band’s 2007 album is entitled ‘Send Away the Tigers’? Manic Street Preachers
24 Which British presenter spoke the first words on GMTV when it was launched in January 1993? Eamonn Holmes
25 A piculet is which type of creature? Bird
26 Who directed the 1987 film ‘Full Metal Jacket’? Stanley Kubrick
27 In which European country is Lake Ree? Ireland
28 King Zog was the monarch of which country? Albania
29 The magazine Marie Claire was first published in 1937 in which country? France
30 ‘The Declaration of Breda’ was which English monarch’s manifesto for the Restoration of the Monarchy? Charles II