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1 What number is the title of singer Beyonce’s album, released in June 2011?
2 How many pairs of ribs does an adult human have?
3 What number Downing Street is the official residence of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer?
4 What is the area dialling code for Liverpool, England?
5 What is the sum, in degrees, of the angles in a triangle?
6 On a standard dartboard, which number lies opposite number 4?
7 What is the cube root of 512?
8 How many Wimbledon singles titles did US tennis player Billie Jean King win?
9 What is the title of the 2007 US fantasy action film, starring Gerard Butler, based on the 1998 comic series of the same name by Frank Miller?
10 How many cards are dealt to each player in a game of contract rummy?
11 A Gentle Breeze is which number on the Beaufort Scale?
12 How many players, in one team, are in the water at the same time in a game of water polo?
13 In computing, how many bits are in one byte?
14 How may moons does the planet Mars have?
15 How many feet are in a UK mile?
16 How many colours are in the rainbow?
17 What do the opposite numbers on a regular dice always add up to?
18 In which year did Bill Clinton first take up office as President of the United States?
19 How many wives did actor and film director Charlie Chaplin have?
20 What is the title of the 1985 single by British musician Paul Hardcastle which has a strong anti-war message?