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1 Which writer invented the fictional detective C. Auguste Dupin?
2 What is the name of the short-sleeved midriff-baring bodice worn under a sari?
3 What is the name of Earl’s band in the US tv series ‘My Name Is Earl’?
4 Which actress married Prince Ranier III of Monaco in 1956?
5 What is the emblem of Canada?
6 Which historical figure called the English ‘A nation of shopkeepers’?
7 Which professional golfer is known as ‘The Big Easy’?
8 What does a copoclephillist collect?
9 Which poet wrote ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’?
10 In which two US states does Monument Valley lie?
11 Which is the largest planet in our solar system?
12 What type of creature is a nilgai?
13 Who directed the 2002 film ‘Minority Report’, which is set primarily in the year 2054?
14 In September 2006 the government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown in which Asian country?
15 What is the first bird mentioned in the Bible?
16 Lake Tuz is in which European country?
17 The Corbillon Cup is played for by women in which sport?
18 In the UK, ‘The Trial of the …’what’, is the procedure for ensuring that newly minted coins conform to required standards?
19 Peladophobia is the morbid fear of what in people?
20 English monarch King John, who died in 1216, was the youngest son of which king?
21 John Patrick ‘Jack’ Ryan is a fictional character who appears in many novels by which author?
22 Who wrote the opera ‘The Barber of Seville’?
23 Which late actress played Elsie Tanner in the UK tv soap ‘Coronation Street’?
24 Digambara and Svetambara are the two major sects in which religion?
25 Illusionist Ehrich Weiss was better known by what name?
26 In which country was the ancient city of Ecbatana?
27 What type of creature is a crappie?
28 What was the name of the British submarine which collided with a Swedish oil tanker in the Thames estuary in 1950, killing over 60 people?
29 Columbus Day is celebrated in Chile during which month of the year?
30 What is the name of the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, located in Arlington County, Virginia?