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1 The Ptolemies were ancient rulers of which country?
2 Which US state is known as the ‘Hawkeye State’?
3 Which opera did Guiseppe Verdi supposedly compose for the opening of the Suez Canal?
4 In the UK, who was the first female speaker of The House of Commons?
5 Cilantro is the leaf of which herb?
6 In Arthurian legend, who was the faithful wife of Geraint?
7 What is the tune hummed by David Brent during his infamous dance routine in the UK tv series ‘The Office’?
8 Who performed the first successful human to human heart transplant in 1967?
9 Uxoricide is the killing of who?
10 The city of Zurich lies on which river?
11 Eamon de Valera founded which political party in 1926?
12 What is the length of a chukka in a game of polo?
13 The islands of Bass and Pelee lie in which of North America’s Great Lakes?
14 In UK politics, who defeated Ted Heath in the Tory leadership campaign of 1975?
15 Which American poet wrote the collection ‘Leaves of Grass’?
16 Guadalupe Island, in the Pacific Ocean, belongs to which country?
17 In humans, what is the medical condition hypermetropia (or hyperopia) more commonly known as?
18 Which English singer commissioned a painting of the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants for his house in 2008?
19 The Bridalveil Waterfall is in which US national park?
20 What is a three-dimensional shape with 12 plane faces called?
21 Kitten, Spool, Wedge and Cone are all types of what?
22 What is the name of the bus company in the British tv series ‘On The Buses’?
23 What does the Latin phrase ‘Hic et nunc’ translate to in English?
24 What is the name of Alan Alda’s character in the US tv series M*A*S*H?
25 In February 1938, Roberto M. Ortiz became President of which South American country?
26 Irish actress Mrs Dorothea Jordan was the mistress of which British monarch?
27 Which female singer starred as Astrid Peth in the 2007 ‘Dr Who’ Christmas special?
28 The Battle of Hamel took place in which country during World War I?
29 During which year was Mary, Queen of Scots, executed?
30 What was the basic currency of Greece before the Euro?