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1 Which racing circuit held the 2011 British Formula One Grand Prix?
2 Nancy Shevell married which English singer/songwriter in October 2011?
3 In August 2011 NASA announced that photographic evidence had been captured of possible liquid water of which planet in our solar system?
4 Which Scottish musician/songwriter died in January 2011?
5 The Puyehue volcano erupted in which South American country in June 2011?
6 Which member of the British royal family married on the 29th April 2011?
7 The President of which African country resigned in February 2011 after widespread protests calling for his departure?
8 Which film won the 2011 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film?
9 The restored tomb of which dramatist was unveiled in Paris in November 2011, after being ruined by lipstick smears left by thousands of kisses?
10 Which British newspaper closed down in July 2011 after several allegations of phone-hacking by journalists?
11 Which Italian fashion designer launched the first virtual online museum in December 2011?
12 An ‘E coli’ outbreak, said to be caused by bean sprouts, killed over 30 people in which European country in June 2011?
13 What is the title of the novel which won the 2011 Man Booker Prize for Fiction for Julian Barnes?
14 In April 2011 Louis van Gaal was sacked as coach of which European football club?
15 What was the name of the hurricane which hit the East Coast of America in August 2011?
16 Which English singer/songwriter was found dead in her apartment on 23rd July 2011?
17 Which film, based on a comic book series created by Peyo, was released in July 2011?
18 The 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics took place in which country?
19 On which date in 2011, according to the Gregorian calender, was the Islamic New year?
20 Which national team won the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup?
21 The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival was held in which country in January 2011?
22 In September 2011, which two countries signed a pact to end a 40 year border demarcation dispute?
23 Which actress won the 2011 Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film ‘Black Swan’?
24 Which English football team won the 2011 FA Cup?
25 What is the name of the Space Shuttle launched into orbit for the last time from the Kennedy Space Station in July 2011?
26 Which British singer’s wife gave birth to their son Aiden on 16th February 2011?
27 Which member of Take That replaced Simon Cowell as a judge on the British ‘X Factor’?
28 On 11th March 2011 a 9.1 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the east of which country?
29 Which British model married Jamie Hince in July 2011?
30 The day following Thanksgiving in the US, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, is called ‘What’ Friday?
31 Which European Prime Minister officially resigned on 16th November 2011?
32 Which team won the 2011 US Super Bowl?
33 During which month in 2011 was the 100th annual International Women’s Day?
34 Which Glasgow-based sculptor, whose works include artificial trees and a leaning litter bin, won the 2011 Turner Prize?
35 Which US boxer died on 7th November 2011?
36 Which former member of Fleetwood Mac released an album in May 2011 entitled ‘In Your Dreams’?
37 Which 2011 Nobel Prize was jointly awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman?
38 Which tennis player won the 2011 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship?
39 On January 1st 2011, which country became the 17th Eurozone country, when it adopted the Euro as its currency?
40 On 7th July 2011, the world’s first artificial organ transplant was achieved, using which artificial part of the body coated with stem cells?
41 Which country was named ‘The World’s Happiest Country’ in 2011?
42 Which US singer topped Forbes magazine’s annual Celebrity 100 List in May 2011?
43 Which Kent golf club played host to the British open Golf Tournament in July 2011?
44 Which English rock band released and album in March 2011 entitled ‘Build a Rocket Boys’?
45 A contestant from which South American country won the 2011 ‘Miss World Contest’?
46 Which dictator returned to Haiti in January 2011, after an absence of two decades of self-imposed exile in France?
47 Which horse won the 2011 Grand National at Aintree?
48 British actress Susannah York, who died in January 2011, was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Alice LeBlanc in which 1969 film?
49 Who won the 2011 Formula One Grand Prix Championship?
50 World Science Day for Peace and Development was held during which month in 2011?